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Hi guys! Can somebody point me which are a the steps to guide the heightfields with pyro like in this example


Is there anyway to advect heightfields with pyro or they're just using the pyro sim as a mask and the shapes are just an animated noise. 

Thanks in advance!



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@Damn_daniel make this in DOP (play with setting's ) and import field's , use Primitive Properties SOP node (volumes(change to height field) then you can use heigtfield  SOP's nodes to mask end endless possibility.. and if you search here on forum you have examples.


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Hey @Librarian! Thanks for you answer, but not sure if I undestood correctly. Your screenshot is showing different parmaters of the pyro sim that can be used to guide the heightfields and you're saying that then I can convert each one of this gas fields masks as a heighfield usign the primitive SOP node? Is this what are you suggesting or I'm wrong? Can you point where I can find these examples, please?

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@Librarian What you are doing here looks interesting :rolleyes:  but like most of the time you confuse me! :D

Was picking your word here and trying your idea with the flowfield, and see if i could inject a custom velocity field compute from a DOP to the flowfield (i.e heightfield slump with compute flowfield tick off as i was hoping it could take my own)

But no success so far. I haven't got the time to dive into OpenCL , so so far my quick try to dive into the slump node code didn't payoff, like for example to not follow the gradient descent but the cross of this vector...

So yeah didn't manage to replicate what i understand you did here; will give another try next week :wacko:



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"A scalar is an entity which only has a magnitude – no direction. Examples of scalar quantities include mass, electric charge, temperature, distance, etc. A vector, on the other hand, is an entity that is characterized by a magnitude and a direction."

If you have Time. Copy that first picture and you gonna see this. I never said that i use velocity ..Be water my Friend :wub: 



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You too much hardcore for me Tesan :lol: . In my case i would like so :) that why i created 3 scalar fields named flowdir.x flowdir.y, flowdir.z...

Im still lack experience manipulating variable  @dPdx and @dPdy, and advecting a heighfield scalar field, and i don't see anyone talking about too Lol so either im the only one who don't know or we are several Lol :)


But i stubborn , i will have see later on .

What should i understand if i named my field like yours? I don't see the flowfield SOP using curl,divergence or gradient to guide the mask "advection" in opencl @Librarian


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