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Moving Flat Tank generating banding/little waves


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Hey guys!


I am doing a FLIP simulation using a moving Flat Tank with Narrowband and I am getting this weird banding/little waves in the new generated particles in the boundaries.




Some one have a solution for that problem? I am tying all day without success :C

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  • Vidar changed the title to Moving Flat Tank generating banding/little waves
On 11/15/2023 at 7:38 AM, hannes603 said:

Maybe disable the boundary Layer and try again ? For me its hard to reproduce...

Hey Hannes! Just found the problem. It was the gravity force, gravity was compressing the particles when they are created, making the banding.

I increased the substeps and the problem got less noticiable, but not totally resolved. I ended simulating the whole domain :/


I will return to that problem later for debugging. If you want to replicate, try add some gravity force to your setup.

I will do a clean HIP with the problem and post here later too.


Thanks for the quick response!

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On 11/20/2023 at 6:20 AM, hannes603 said:

Cant reproduce . if you could look at my scene. Wat do i miss ?

Flip_water_moving_container.hip 882.58 kB · 2 downloads

Hey Hannes!

How are you doing?


I reproduced the problem in that uploaded HIP, but in a another node. Looking at your scene, the scale of the overall simulation and velocity that the boundaries moves plays a big role in the banding effect.


If you turn on/off that gravity force, you will see the banding effect.


Thanks in your interest in helping me!



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Flip_water_moving_container_fix_substep_gas_blur_limit_stencil.hipyou container moves realtivly fast in comp to the scale . 

1. slow it down or

2. increase substep or

3. use gas blur with stencil field to blur the borders vel like in the scene. or

4. use filtering in particle fluid surface node ....


hope that helps a bit 

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