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Vellum constraint rotation


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HI folks

I'm trying to build a feather (yes I know there are proper node in houdini 20, but can't affort it now)
I have created a line with other perpendicular line 
I put them together using vellum stich point but at the moment the simulation begins the perpendicular lines begin to rotate (as you can see in the video below)

I would like to know if there is a way to control that rotation
Thanks in advantage


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hi hannes603
thanks for your help
I tried your method with my model but it didn`t work.
 the kind of father I want to make is like the picture below
the red part should be very hard
and the green ones should be flexible
that's why I asked for a way to lock the rotation of the contraints
do you know any way to do that?
thanks in advantage


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20 minutes ago, hannes603 said:

Youuse the attatch to Geo constrain , and use stiffness Attribute.

 points of the geometry are attached to the geo target and they dont follow the animation, 'cause the target geo is outside of the sim and it's stopped.
that's why I used stich to points. :) 

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