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Trigger Python SOPs


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i would like to trigger a file cache and some Python SOPs in order - independent of timeline.

File cache i guess is easy? pressbutton() function inside another python SOP to press the "Save to Disk" button. But python SOPs have to wait until filecache is done

After that, first python SOP needs to be evaluated every frame.

Second python SOP needs to calculate once after the first one is done.

How can i automate it so that i just press a button to cook everything in the correct order?

The way i am doing it now is manually,

1)saving the cache

2)then enabling the display flag on the python node and pressing play on the timeline.

3)when that is finished enabling the display flag on the second python.

Not practical at all.

Any tips to automate this would be greatly appreciated. avoiding TOPs if possible.



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2 hours ago, Atom said:

I believe if you reference `$F` or hou.Frame() inside a python script, it forces it to run every frame. Not sure of that helps.

i dont want to have to hit play on the timeline to cook every frame. it already works like that. i need the python sop to cook a frame range like a filecache would. you dont have to actually play the timeline in order to cache each frame. But that is only one part of what i am looking for. The second part is triggering the python sops one after the other.

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