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I need help in FLUID Simulation

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I have a box that I have animated, and the simulation supposed to be like the water should start from down to fill the box and the box should be filled for 50 frames then the box starts to rotate after the rotation the box must get empty. THATS THE ALL SIM ANIMATION PART.

My problem is: 1- when the box is almost full of water, I couldn't keep the water level as it is, I try to keep it by animating divergence but sometimes it's getting too much or sometimes it's getting less. 

2- I try to make the box empty but still some water will leave at the end, how can I fix that.

3- at the end you can see some particles are getting white and sometimes getting out of the box, I really don't know why this happen.

I am sharing the Houdini file, preview and the frame which particles are getting white. I REALLY APPRECIATE IF YOU COULD HELP ME.



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