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Building Blocks, Organics And A Newbie Hello


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Hello everybody!

For a short introduction I'm the td for a small animation company in Finland, and finally got myself to start learning Houdini

about a month ago (when I saw ptakun's plant system) - and I'm loving it!

We're mostly based on Lightwave so the procedural leap was almost dizzying, but oh my so much worth it :)

(Don't get me wrong, for quick jobs LW (esp. with Fprime) is still really fast)

This forum has been a terrific resource, THANK YOU ALL. The spirit of sharing is heartwarming.

And now to the pretty (or not) pictures everybody likes to see.

After the initial dabbling with examples, odforce challenges and various tutorials I tried to build

a system that assembles objects' volumes out of these magnetic toy building blocks - and it turned out ok.


Here I used it on extruded $F. It works on other simple objects but I'm having troubles with more

complicated compound objects and the cookie sop.

My aim is to animate the assembling, and for practice's sake without particles or dynamics.

At the moment it's stupid linear transforming, I'll post more when I get to redoing it :)

(also something horrific happened with the moblur there)

I'm also really interested in visualizing nature. I'm just learning my lsystem basics, here's a little phyllotaxis dabbling


rendered with Mario's nice sss system.

Here's some simple 'cells' subdividing.

I've also tentatively ported an accessibility shader of mine from LW (not ambocc)


I guess I'll be posting more about that in the shader section and pester y'all for vex help..

I hope I'll be able to post some proper artwork here at some point.. I know I'm on the first steps of a road of learning that never ends,

but the journey is sure to be enjoyable :)


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