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MIguel P

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Hi everyone.

I wanted to show you my last work, inspired by The day after tomorrow.

The twisters are created in Houdini and the render was Max (for the smoke, using the particles from Houdini) and Houdini (flying debris).

I probably will be doing a tutorial about the tornado setup in Houdini.

I hope you like it!



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great work as always Miguel!

one note...

the camera move seems to match the speed of the rotation of the twisters...this causes a weird slow-motion effect (at least for me)...the rotation is good at that distance - makes them feel the right scale...just something about that camera move..... <_<

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I would say this is under your level, Miguel ;).

(Sorry, mate, you spoiled us...)

Some remarks:

1. Don't you think lightning is flat, kind of key light or something?

2. I don't see also too many details in debris.

3. This rescaling of a background doesn't look convincing (maybe some projection?)

4. Generally the overall scale of the footage is too big to play with twisters. More likely some kind of painting beauty or hugeness impression should stay in my mind. As I remember these shots in "Day After Tomorrow" had such a sense. They ware almost too beautiful for what was happening inside. And that built a tension: disaster <-> beauty. Then, in closer shoots, we saw terrifying details.

I your render there is still no such a beauty and also no details. So not too much attention for it. Kind of decision, what was important for you could help.

In your previous twister, I saw how easily twister was destroying a barn. And this impressed so much. The difference in scale of a building and twister. I saw also details of it. How they flies around. This was a reason for my attention.

hope you don't mind these notes ;)

good luck,


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Thanks for the comments guys!

well, these are not problem I think. I just wanted to push him farther...

(with a little premeditation ;) )

And I appreciate the help! Thank you for your time :)

Rafal, as SYmek said, the camera motion is done in comp, so no matchmoving.

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