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Rendering Z-depth In H9 : solved


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So, I was trying to create a very basic z-depth render in h9. Went to the mantra, added a plane and set the name and the vex variable to Pz. Rendered it, but the Pz channel is completely white. Shift-R didn't do anything. Do you guys know what I might be missing? Thanks,


Edit: Never mind, figured it out:)

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Do tell, I'm having the same problem.

The values output in the Pz variable are raw, world-space camera depth so the values are very often greater than 1.0. These values are not fitted/mapped to a 0-1 range (based on the furthest point or anything else).

1. Make sure you're rendering Pz into a 16-bit or 32-bit floating point image / plane.

2. Make sure that when viewing the image, you are not viewing through a LUT in Mplay as this clamps the data upon view.

If you have these steps correct, you can gain down the image and see all your lovely depth values.

Hope this helps,


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where do you add the Pz ? i cant find anything in the help... i want to render z-depth for DOF in COPs :)

you can add it as an image plane in your output driver.

Depending on your output format it is saved in an external file (eg. JPG)or in the *main image* (eg. pic or openEXR).


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