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The Tupolev Tu-144!

It's a weird-ass plane...

The Ruskies stole it just like they did The H-Bomb and Velcro.

I've never modeled something as complex as this...but I'll keep going as long as stu keeps modeling his "F/A 18C Hornet fighter jet" or whatever he's calling it.


I've found some pretty good plans, one set is really huge and busted up so I'll have to clean them, stitch them together then get them into Houdini.

Here's a cool one...


here are some of the specs:

# Length: 65.50 m (215.54 ft)

# Wingspan: 28.80 m (94.48 ft)

# Height: 10.50 m (34.42 ft)

# Wing area: 438.0 m

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@marc - you'll notice how much bigger the Tu-144 is in comparison to the F/a 18c Hornet...and how much faster it is :)

Pfft. The Tu-144 doesn't have a beyond visibility range of engagement, or have a thrust to weight ratio greater than 1:1 - what's the point? :)

Actually, until you mentioned it, I've never even seen that aircraft before - should be interesting.

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