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L-system plants


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I just finished modelling this tree :)


This is a reference photo:


I tried to make similar shape of a crown and now i'm trying to animate this tree :) Any ideas how to make good animation of leaves and top branches? Snx!


So, i made a group by $WIDTH attribute to select outer branches, now i need to add... a turbulence field... How?

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Looks nice, but I'd like to suggest 2 things:

  • Make your twigs more wiggly. You could add more segments to a twig by not moving forward the complete step ( ~(b)F ), but instead rotate into a certain direction, forward half the way, then rotate back and forward the remaining half way ( ~(0.5*B)&H~(0.5*B)^H )
  • Your tree always branches off 3 twigs. Use probabilities to randomly switch between rules, that branch off 1, 2 or 3 twigs.

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Great File. I meant to respond earlier, but got distracted going through your file, very helpful. In regards to simulating wind, there is an example help file using Wire Dynamics to simulate an l-system in the wind, though this may be over kill. Depending on what you would like the wind to look like I would be tempted to use expressions to animate the points. I'm not sure what you mean by "sky sensitive" leaves, do you mean you want them all to be facing up? If so in the past I have used a VOP SOP to bias normals to point upright, without rotating too far from there initial direction. Can't wait to see the next update.

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So, i've discovered how to rotate normals in +Y direction (if they are negative) in VOP's but i still don't know how to make "sky sensitive" leaves :) Maybe because i don't know what i want to get? :rolleyes: For example, leaf's normals always look at the sky, neither the horizon nor ground.

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Any ideas how to simulate wind? And how to make "sky sensitive" leaves?

you can try generating some noise patterns in CHOPs and then override the parameters that effects the angles of the branches.

CHOPs works very nice with L-systems in getting the wind effect. you just need to find the right parameters to override.

nice models :thumbsup:



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