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Viewing silhouettes


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If I'm animating a character and would just like to see the silhouettes, what's the easiest way to do that in Houdini?

Put down an Ambient Light, turn off it's display flag. If you want, you make it even darker by changing its light color to fully 0,0,0.

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Are you looking for a toon shader or just a constant shader ?

It would be constant if it were a shader, but I was looking for a way to do it without changing shaders. I only want to do a quick test to see if my poses read well before continuing on. I'm sure there are multiple ways of achieving this so was just looking for the quick and dirtiest method I could find.

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Easiest way to get black objects in the viewport is to simply add zero length normals. No shaders, nadda. Just zero'ed point normals with a Point SOP. :)

Hahaha! A common mistake turns out to be useful...


P.S.: Don't forget to bypass this Point SOP as it really will screw with any existing point normals and your renders will have black objects as well.

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