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AOV in Mantra

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I would like to write certain shaders and to generate multiple passes at a time... I would like to know whats the command in IFD as well as how would be a vex code for it.. pls help..

VEX: You have to declare shader parameters as "export" in order to get them to be able to be exported.

surface myshader( vector diffuse=1;  export vector myoutvar = 0 )

In VOPs, you use a Parameter VOP and toggle Export and wire the data into the left side of the node.

IFD: There are a few IFD commands to do this. If I was you I'd just set a Disk File on your Mantra ROP (which you have set up to export Extra Image Planes) and examine the .ifd in a text editor. Please note that Apprentice will not write IFD disk files out. You need a commercial license for that.


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Can you show me how you would layer a simple shading model, for instance a Lambert for diffuse, a specular model, a refection and ambient occlusion and have them export the variables I am unable to get passed the diffuse and specular with my puny brain.

Also is there a way to output a generalized occlusion pass on a scene level rather than on a shader level like you can with Pz, etc.

Thanks for any guidance here...


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