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Really Overwhelmed


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SO im finally back from my summer job in an attempt to save for school. Ive got alot of time of before school and am really trying to buckle down and start learning Houdini. The thing is im really overwhelmed at the moment. I have alot of ideas of things i would love to create but I know i should really sit down and learn what lies beneath and the way Houdini works. I cant make my mind up on what to do. There are just so many things to do with this app. (im moving over from C4d btw). Should i take the time right now and get a book like The magic of Houdini and read it from cover to cover? Or just dive in and try creating the things i have in mind with limited sucess. Ive been goign through some of 3d buzz's VTMs also. Im having a super hard time getting a grasp of the program. Did most of you feel the same when you first opened it? And thats the end of my little rant thats been stressing me out.

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dive into Houdini AND read the book!

in a single hour each day you can:

read a chapter and try out some of the examples/projects

throw down at least 3 SOPs and read the help card/view the examples, and goof around with the parameters to see what they do

20 mins to work on something on your own

if you have an idea(s) for a project this is the most important thing (for beginners)

BREAK IT DOWN - into the smallest units

eg. modeling a car

there are 50+ seperate chunks to build, don't think about the whole car - just model a little chunk...over time you'll have finished the whole car

some kind of explodey thing...

break it down into little sections, get reference (youtube etc) fo the type of effect you're tying to do, start SMALL - 100 particles, get the overall movement etc...then build up from there...and read the help on every node you use!

in Spiderman 3 the sandman sequence took something like a YEAR for a bunch of gus to do...don't expect to be able to do something epic right away...just start small and build you skills...

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The experience of the previous 3d application will give you the biggest issues. Maybe throwing yourself at Will's book "The Magic Of Houdini" or the latest 3d Buzz VTM "Houdini Fast Track" http://www.3dbuzz.com/xcart/product.php?productid=61 is the ticket to fully get in to the Houdini mindset.

Oh and don't forget the 100's of examples included with Houdini to show you how most operators work in context.

Then tackle your work with a new set of tools, approaches and ideas.

That's just my two cents worth.


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I must admit, i have come from quite a few years of using xsi and maya and sometimes find myself hitting a brick wall with houdini. This is where i sometimes rely on the knowledge of odforce users, so cheers guys! I have more or less every single tutorial and old school blog from the side effects website and they have helped me out a lot.

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