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Invasion Project


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Hey guys,

thanks for the comments.

The trails are very simple.

1. birth a particle trail

2. add a curve to each trail

3. sweep a circle along the curve

4. add position noise, velocity vectors with noise, transparency ramp

More details in the landscape are coming :)

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hey guys i got back to working on this project quite a bit, so i have a big update!

the exaggerated orchestral music is from kingdom of heaven ;)

everything except the ship model & animation is done in houdini, rendering using mantra, compositing also houdini.

one of my main goals with this to learn some useful rendering techniques with mantra, especially to optimize speed. for this project that mostly means baking stuff and faking ambient occlusion/gi look in many different ways.

total render time for those frames is 5 minutes at 1920x816, on a quadcore with 4 gigs of ram.

the last part (where it just stops/goes black) is still not finished.

i'd be really grateful for any tips on just how to improve the look in general.

i still want to add dust effects on the ground, and also some dusty-cloudy stuff around the camera to give a better impression of speed.



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hey guys, thanks a lot :)

peter: i'll post more info about that flocking stuff at some point. it's pretty much all vex in pops!

netvudu: i like that you thought it was plants, but it's just stones :) sphere's with displacement and a color ramp which i randomly pick colors from. you will see this better once i post a high res version.

the distribution is done using varies random methods layered on top of each other: first scattered some points as landing targets for the ships, this is based on terrain features like height and inclination. then scattered 600.000 points for stones, and randomize the size using another ramp which control size distribution (there are many more small stones than big ones) and i only use smaller stones in the landing areas.

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