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magnetic force


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i m new to dynamics in houdini ... currently i try to figure out a simple magnetic effect between 2 objects.... 2 RBD's (spheres) on a groundplane, one of them pushed closer to the other by little velocity...

the other one should behave magnetic and force the speed of the pushed sphere when coming closer and holding it after impact .... Simple ?! two magnetic spheres

sorry for my english

hope you can help me out



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ill search there... but 1 thing

the spheres should behave like dynamic objects ... for example roling caused by friction, boucing off the other spheres a little before being stitched aso.... is that possible with pop`s?

is it possible to combine networks in such a specific way ?


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hm thx for that ... interesting stuff

but i don`t think it`s the right way for me ....

the perfekt thing would be a simple gravityforce but omidirectional.

for example one point as a child of a RBD ... the center of my sphere

is it posible to manipulate the standard gravityforcenode?

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