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GI and curve primitive?

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Hi all..

Anyone ever played around with rendering the open curve prim (or hair) and GI together?

My hair looks nice when rendered directly but looks like ass when I turn on ambient occlusion. I haven't tried the real GI yet, but I'm not holding out much hope.

sucky sucky suck suck!


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Personally, I don't think I'd dare to try to render hair with GI. Maybe render it seperately and composite it in. I saw your WIP, that hair was looking pretty damn good. It would probably look great composited into a GI render with some minor tweaks in COPs.

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Well, the hair just shades black (head hair ;)). I guess the two don't go together since orientation is important for the hair shader too. If its not oriented towards the camera then it doesn't look like hair.


I think I'll render it seperately and composite it. Still seems like there should be something I could do though. Maybe I'll harrass some people at work on monday.



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Here is what Will told me on SESI's forums,

here is a small bit of info from r and d that might help...

"In a surface shader you need to ensure that the normal is

front-facing. When irradiance() is called from a light shader, the normal is already front-facing (from the surface call to illuminance()), and so the

frontface() function shouldn't be called.

I'm not sure if this applies to occlusion too.


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