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Not about Graka but about CPUs!


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I want to buy a new CPU and I don't know which one.

The P4 is much too expensive so I will stick to AMD.

But which AMD should I buy.

The 2400+, 2500+ or the 2600+?

What about the Barton core. Does it give a little extra performance? What about the bigger 2nd level cache?

Hope some one could help me.


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Well, it depends on what you've to do. If you do 3d just in the free time (hobby ) Celeron or Duron (900Mhz or 1 Ghz) is really enough ,but you need one good card like geforce 3-4 --DON'T BUY QUADRO OR FIRE GL (see the previous thread)--. If you do broadcast quality animation or compositing I think you need to make one cpu-farm. :)

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get the best one you can afford! in my opinion i would wait two to three months and get a 3000xp when they get cheap other wise you will be disapointed with the up grade!

or if you are really after power i've just updated to a dual athlon 2200mp. it really kicks arse :P


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I've got myself a very cheap Intel Pentium IV 2530MHz, 512MB DDR, nVIDIA GeForce4 GO (32MB) powered laptop. It works great with Houdini!

Brain, you've asked me earler (in AIM) if there are any good stores over here in the Netherlands? Well, maybe they sell this same brand laptop I got also over in Germany. The brand is Jewel, model Opal and I bought it at Informatique in Rotterdam. (You can postorder.)

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