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particle sim to goal position


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is it possible to define a goalposition for particles on geo like in maya...for example emitting from position x influence by some forces to finaly come to a predefined position...i tried around by reversing a dissolve like effekt by generation the parts on my geosurface first but it s not really the same behavour. another try was using attractor fields and collide pop but i'm not getting that kind of constant disperse of my particles to form a solid surface .... here is a mayatest to show you what i mean.

thx a lot


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Hey Hatrick.

The easiest way could be to do it with a blendshape sop.. but for more control you could use a vop pop to make the velocity vector towards the goal position.. i made a simple hip file here for you.. the particles first becomes a new shape with the goalpos and the next shape i used the blendshape just for showing that too.. you can have as many goalpos as you want with both methods if you want the particles to go from shape to shape.

The main thing with goalpos is just to get the position of the goal points and use that inside vop pop to change the velocity vector with some basic vector math.. Oh dont forget that the goal and ur particles should have same amout of points (i use the scatter node here for that)

/Magnus Pettersson


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