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OP examples?

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Hi guys,

I have heard that when you get the licensed version of houdini, several hip files are provided, each one being an example for a specific operator. First is it true? or was I dreaming when I saw this?

Then, I was wondering if these examples could be provided for the users of the non-commercial version ( well, I think they are not, but I may have missed them ). I am quite in an urge, as I am developping a tv project and I need to decide if we are going to use houdini or not. So, I need to understand the posibilities and workflow of this soft quite quickly. I have undestood that houdini is really powerful and would be ideal for the works we will have, but...i am really lacking tutorials or any such help, and this is a big obstacle.

So, any help about this will be really apreciated!!

Thanks in advance

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Hey Frading.

To answer your question, yes you do get a buncha hip files with the released version that give examples of how each SOP works. But let me tell you from experience, those aren't going to help at all if you don't know whats going on in the software first.

I tried learning Houdini using those (version 1) and it was more confusing than anything else.

But as for the lack of training... well thats definitely not true anymore. If you want a quick rundown of the workflow of Houdini, then you should go to these sites and watch the videos :


SESI videos

They're brilliant for training, but also give you a nice feel of the flow of the software. You should definitely have a clearer idea of whether Houdini is what you need after watching these.



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Hi Marc,

Thanks for your answer, and I tottaly agree with you, but actually I have already watched the videos you are talking about. And I learned a lot from them, they are very necessary. But now I need to go to next step, and as I tried different OP, I though the help was not always really clear ( maybe It is me not clever enough :( ), so I would really enjoy specific examples for specific OPs.

for instance, it is not really easy to go and model a character or whatever if you do not know clearly or have a global vision of the tools available, so that I will know which way I will have to take to model such stuff. And I think this not only for SOP, but also CHOP, POP...

But you said that these hip files were available? I found some in the learning cd2 provided. Are you talking about these?

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there are lots of demo files on the second CD of the Apprentice Edition....Vislab has changed a bit it seems...can't find any of the CD2 stuff...but on my disk there are about 75 hip files + *.bgeo etc, these are from the 5.5.xxx version I think, not sure what is on the 6.0.xxx disks

I have an old demo of Houdini 5 that has all the demo stuff on it (350MB+), and AFAIK these are slowly being updated for 6.0.xxx and released - but it will take time, I think it's more important to get the docs updated...

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