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"Elemental" - Car Commercial


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Sorry about that... :) It's set to public now. http://vimeo.com/6368789

Hey Marq, good start, but I'd recommend you run these passes a little more on the comp side, the dust could use a little more work on the lighting, they seem a bit billow, needs more turbulence and transparency on them.

As for the meteors, same thing, I'd bring them into comp and add a bit of glow to the head of the trail, It helps sell the illusion a lot more.

Hope this helps!


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Modelling, animation, fx, etc, well done for putting it all together. It's a complex task.

But there's a lack of loving attention in the motions. It almost looks like everything has been left on standard bezier curves with equally spaced keys. I'm not much of an animator but I'd say you should put some more zest into everything that moves. Make it a bit more snappy. It's probably a much better way to improve the overall look of the work than adding more particles or samples.

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