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You can use a pointgrouplist expression in a font sop, perhaps parented to the camera.

You can also set attributes according to each group. I sometimes do that and grouping by attribute is a lot faster anyway.

But yes, would be nice to see all the groups in the details view...

You can of course always middle click on a node, or keep it in an open window when u click the ! button.

Perhaps you could also add them as a string attribute and view them that way with the propper names.

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Guest mantragora

Is there a way to see the object group name's on the viewport just like object names in DOPS?

You can write SceneHook(or RenderHook if SceneHook is not enough) in HDK or you could probably implement this with inlineCPP in similar manner to this. It should be pretty straightforward.


PS. How many people would be interested in this?

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