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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am new to Houdini, so I want to ask such a question. In previous versions of Houdini when I created RBD objects from a node (which has inside several objects), it handled the node and its contents as whole, but in Houdini 16 it is different, I mean it handles its contents as individual pieces. I guess it is due to that Houdini 16 creates an RBD packed object. How can I achieve so it handles the node as a whole?
  2. Hi all Im having a big confusion about packed primitive. Lets say I have an animated and packed sphere. when I check in primitive intrinsic It is having the packfulltransform info, But if I convert it to polygons and pack it again then the packfulltransform info gets ident matrix and no animating values but still the mesh is animating. My question is where does houdini stores the transform info after the animated mesh is packed. I hope it is some what clear. packFullTransform.hip
  3. I'm trying to figure out the best way to transform packed RBD primitives. I'm doing this by modifying the packed primitive intrinsic 'transform'. The issue I'm wondering about, is that the collision hulls that bullet is creating (packed rbd object > bullet data > show guide geometry) change every frame, which seems weird. I want to create the collision hulls on the first frame, and then transform those shapes. I've tried 2 different ways in the attached file. One I set the 'initial object type' to 'create static objects', and then I transform them inside the sim using a Geo VOP DOP. The other way, I'm setting 'initial object type' to 'create animated static objects' and feeding in the transformed pieces straight into the sim. Both produce the same result, and the collision hull seems to get updated each frame. Is there a way to make sure the collision hulls not update each frame, but still give them rigid transforms? Thanks! xform_packedRBD.hipnc
  4. Does any body give me suggestions to use Packed primitive options in maya, I am trying to create a simple copy digital asset for maya in which i added packed primitive options available in copy sop. But if i use those options in maya copied primitives are disappearing. If i disable "pack geometry before copying" option everything works fine. Does this option will work for maya?, Also the copied geometries are displaying as geometries how can we add options to show as bounding boxes or point clouds. Thanks in advance
  5. I'm breaking some cone twist constraints in a sop solver (by placing them in the broken group) and I would like to use these constraints to then emit debris and dust. So my question is how can I export the constraints out along with my geometry to be used later? And is that the best method for emitting debris etc.?
  6. Hey, Was playing with 'emiting' packed primitives with bullet, and came across a strange problem. If just have the emitting object on his own, the sim works just fine, but when i add an extra object to the sim, the whole thing just acts strange and add extra geo that shouldnt be there, and that doenst shouw on the geometry spreadsheet. I'm sure i'm doing something wrong but cant see what it is. If anyone could help would really appreciate it. Here's the scene file with both versions. Thanks in advance constraints_v01_010_B.hipnc
  7. I have some packed primitives all constrained together and I would then like to constraint them to an object that i've animated in sop. Is there a way of constraining my packed primitives to and RBD object so that I could enable 'Use deforming geometry'? Or am I able to update the translation and rotation of a packed primitive in DOPs (using a SOP solver or otherwise) - The geometry is not deforming is only translating and rotating. Thanks, Mike