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Found 1 result

  1. Hello dear odforce community, I am new here and happy to be part of this nice community. Like you all I like houdini. In the last months I have learned many things and I think it is really an awesome program. I was designing with PolyBevel and come along one issue, it is really strange. What I try is to round an edge at a point with PolyBevel. Sometimes it does the correct thing and sometimes not. I will start with an example where it works: 1. Create a grid with enough columns and rows 2. Select one point on one edge and move it in some direction 3. PolyBevel the point which was moved to round the grid edge Everything works as expected, the edge is rounded at the point. Now the same procedure with a sphere. 1. Create a sphere 2. Remove one half of it (select prim and blast) 3. Select a point on the emerging edge and move it in one direction 4. PolyBevel the selected point This is an unexpected behavoiur. The prims are split and the edge is not rounded. Is this a bug? What can I do to prevent this behaviour. I want to round the edge at the point. Is there another mehtod to do it ? The "Split Over all Incident Edges" Option does not work like it should !! What I already tried: 1. I have used a Clean SOP 2. I have tried to convert the sphere bevore PolyBevel to Polygon/Quadliterals etc. 3. I have tried to move all points (Transfer Node). Have read there is a bug, so the movement could solve it ?! Nothing did change the behaviour, have you any hint ? Thanks in advance.