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Found 5 results


    Hello !! I have a quick question I little more advance, how can I make a particle collide with a geo and make it sticky on the surface and slide down? I try to use the particle behavior but maybe I, doing sth wrong. some have a solution, I will appreciated.
  2. Randomize Const. Activation

    Hello! I want to knoe if there is a way to randomizze the cosnt Activation for turn off and on the Constant Activation on the pop source?
  3. I am new to Houdini and learning Houdini 16, currently trying to create my own firework particle setup and my main problem is that I can't get the pop replicate node to spawn particles when the upstream particles dies. I group particles with the rule "ingroup = i@dead;" and have set POP replicate to this group. I've checked the "Reap At Frame End" and particles do indeed register as dead in the spreadsheet. I've asked several Houdini artists and they've not found any reason why it should work so I'm posting the file here in hopes that someone understands what I might be missing! POP replicate on death test.hipnc
  4. Hi, I have a question about setting up collisions on a static object. My goal is to have a character walking through snow. I have a grain simulation and then an alembic of a character walking. I have my grain simulation setup, now I need to make my character a static object so it collides with the grain pop simulation. I then made my character walking alembic a static object. Now here is my question: I need to edit the collision boundary of my character walking, but how do I know which solver is being used? Bullet, ODE, or RBD? To sum it up, I have a static object being used as a collision for a pop simulation. How do I know what simulation engine is being used to calculate collisions? Bullet, ODE, or RBD? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, I used a popvop for some task in my popnet and connected the geometry to my 2nd input in popnet node, Everything works fine but the geometry that I have connected to the 2nd input also gets exported out. But I don't want the geometry to be exported, I only want the particles to be exported. So, Please can you help me with a solution on how to exclude or delete the object so that only the particles from the popnet gets exported. Thanks.