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Found 8 results

  1. hi, I am looking for how to access collision data of DOP network for a geometry Wrangle node and sopSolver. This example is that I try to delete fluidParticle if it's inside of collision. I know I can delete it in SOP level in advance, but this point is I want to know how to access collision data in DOP network, and delete particles in dop network. I attached an example file. It would be great to show me how to write wrangle and how to create sopSolver network. Thanks in advance! deleteInsideOfCollision.hiplc
  2. Hello Houdini pros! I'm using the FLIP Solver's Reseeding feature, but it doesn't seem to be applying enough reseeding in the areas that count. It is reseeding the entire FLIP tank, where I'm really only needing the detail in the splash. Current train of thought: Create group of particles that are above the waterline (my current method isn't great, as it groups all points above P.y 0.01) Apply reseeding only to that group. Have had a search around online and have found one person talking about this, but not how to impliment it. Any help is greatly appreciated! Reseed_Above_Waterline.hipnc
  3. I want create the volume with the particle. BUT, I don't know how to control the volume in dop network. I would had search during a lot of time in , but i had been not solved... wall.hipnc
  4. I am new to Houdini and learning Houdini 16, currently trying to create my own firework particle setup and my main problem is that I can't get the pop replicate node to spawn particles when the upstream particles dies. I group particles with the rule "ingroup = i@dead;" and have set POP replicate to this group. I've checked the "Reap At Frame End" and particles do indeed register as dead in the spreadsheet. I've asked several Houdini artists and they've not found any reason why it should work so I'm posting the file here in hopes that someone understands what I might be missing! POP replicate on death test.hipnc
  5. I have replaced the file with just a cube so you guys can still see what is going on. It's very basic. It's just a box with points at the center of each piece telling what is active and what is not active. however when I put this expression: point("/obj/Angel/AC", groupbyvals("/obj/Angel/AC", D_POINT, "name", $OBJNAME), "ACTIVE", 0) in the active value DOP that I got from another dude on a forum on here, that expression doesn't work. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong here? This is for a demo reel project so I am on a time crunch..that's why I'm posting this. Thanks so much!! Angel_Destruction_3.hip
  6. MW_Ocean_v09.hipncHey guys, I am making an ocean for a uni project and I am trying to create a wake for the boat that will merge with my ocean (Flip sim) I am trying to select the splash tank tool from the Ocean FX tab while having my boat motion selected so it calculates the movement of the boat. But when I select the splash tank it comes up with an error: "Error: The current DOP network is in play mode. Disable play mode on active dop network before using shelf tools." Any ideas? I am also running into the problem that my ocean waves are far smaller when rendering compared to the preview node the wave shelf tool gives you. I have attached the Houdini file (hipnc) so let me know if you can help. (I have also attached the boat geo) James MW_Ocean_v09.hipnc Fishing_Trawler_v003.obj
  7. Hey all. I want to separate my sims into different sections, using a different DOP network for each section. When I build a network using the RBD fracture shelf button etc it add the nodes into the first DOP network I created. Is there any ways to pre-emtpively tell Houdini to build into a new, clean DOPnet? Or do I need ot do it by hand every time?
  8. Hey all! First time posting here. Been learning Houdini for quite a while. Loving the dynamic sims! Gotta admit its a bit different in terms of workflow which is why I am kind of stuck. So basically what I have set up is a torus which emits smoke for couple frames. In the dop network, after the pyrosolver I have a groundplane, gravity and magnet force(hooked to metaball to make the smoke from the torus expand radially outwards). I simmed this for 160 frames. Attached a file node after the output and wrote .sim files. I researched online and found that I have to plug this frame 160 simfile to initial state in the dop network and voila I get that expanded smoke shape on frame one. What I wanna do now is take this naturally expanded smoke shape and sim it so its kind of settling down on the ground. I don't want it to expand anymore but I donno why when I hit play on frame one, the smoke keeps expanding. I also increased gravity ridiculously high but the sim is somehow still not getting affected. SO, how does one set initial state in a way, Houdini doesn't remember the previous simulation data and takes this initial frame and starts affecting it depending on the forces in the dop network. I hope I am not confusing you. I will gladly post any other information you need to help me out. Thank you!
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