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Found 3 results

  1. Hi I have an object and I want to move it lets say 1.5 units in a certain direction ( so move it along a certain vector ), so I tried what you can see in the picture. Of course this doesn't work, because 1.5*{1,1,1} will result in moving the obj of 1.5 units in every axis. So how can I work out the correct numbers to move the obj by a certain amount in a certain direction?
  2. Hi, Im trying to change the scale of my Alembic camera in Houdini. I have tried using the null node at object level, but it causes issues when I try to render some ocean. I see that you should be able to change the uniform scale deep inside the alembic file in xform. The Uniform Scale is stuck on 1, I cannot edit it (the 1 is inside a yellowish box) which seems to be why I cant change it. Any help appreciated, cheers Charlie
  3. Hello Guys. There's this certain thing I noticed today which puzzles me. Assumption: We have a poly mesh sphere of rad(x,y,z)=0.5 and an xform node piped to it. Y-axis pivot (py) of the transform node equals . If I set py=-$SIZEY/2, it places the pivot at the bottom of the sphere, which is correct. But... If I peek at a current value of py (in Parameters pane), it still shows , while it should be equal to -0.5. If I pipe a Python SOP to check the value of SIZEY local variable, it shows me 1.0. So why inside the py parameter? hou.node('/obj/sphere_object1/xform1').parm('py').eval() also returns 0.0 instead of -0.5. So the parameter really stores . Similarly with xform's ty. If I type $SIZE/2, which levels the bottom of the sphere with the origin on Y-axis, and if I peek at the parameter's value of ty, I get 0.0. Python's eval()also shows that this parameter stores 0.0. But why? Why it's not equal to 0.5? Could someone please explain this to me? Why does this happen?