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Learning VEX via Animated Gifs - Bees & Bombs

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Hey Matt thanks for the file, I learn a lot understanding it, I fixed the rotation in my way.

I was busy at work, but I could finish it today.

I saw the gif and see that everything moves/rotates but not the color, so I used an attribute transfer to solve that.


Link to the gif (I dont know why is not showing xD)


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Does anyone know of a comprehensive web series that starts with the basics of VEX? I can't seem to learn VEX with the random videos i find on the web. My ability to understand is largely based on a comprehensive training series. I hope someone can help.




P.S. i would download the samples here and dink around but am too paranoid about viruses and i don't run a virus program on my work station. I tend to stick with clean files and sites only. You guys seem to be having a great time though. Excellent samples.

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10 hours ago, mestela said:

You wont get viruses from hip files.

Re tuts, try my wiki page first, if that's not enough then maybe JeffW's intro, apart from that there seems to quite a few vex resources on youtube and places like 3dbuzz etc.




Thank you, mestela.

This cgwiki looks perfect! Jeff Wagner is incredible. Will have to go through the cgwiki first, then revisit the VEX Wrangling webinar. Do you know where i can access the other Jeff Wagner webinars on this subject? This youtube isn't a youtube channel specifically on this series. Someone got permission to post just this one video.

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Here is my attempt at the Cube Wave. 

So, I was starting out with a few months of spare-time Houdini practice and next to no VEX knowledge at all. I have some very basic coding knowledge and I did a couple of years of math and physics about 15 years ago in college. 

For those looking to learn this stuff, here is what I did. I downloaded the examples that others have posted in this threads and started making intricate notes on what the code was doing. It was handy to know that you can place the cursor inside of a function and press 'F1' to bring up the help on what that function is doing specifically. Though, sometimes I was still a bit confused (damn you, bilinear interpolation). As often happens with coding, there seems to be that breakthrough moment where you start to actually know what is going on. 

As for this project, the hardest part was trying to get the influence more concentrated around the middle and more sparse towards the outside, giving it a more spherical look as it rises. I managed to solve this with a power function and a lot of time fiddling with the values. 

I'm still having a lot of trouble with the colours and rendering and ended up giving up and just colour correcting in After Effects. I'm coming from a Cinema4D background and to output solid colours there is easy (Luminance). But really not very straight forward in Houdini (emission colours still seem to come out really dull). Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

I'm also having trouble with houdini crashing with these files when I reopen them. When I hit the playback button it crashes when it reaches frame 14 - 17. I even rebuilt it in another file and the same thing happened. Works fine until it is closed/reopened. So if anyone knows where I've gone wrong, I'd like to hear it. 

I've also done a couple more of these and will will drop them in soon. 

Edit: Whoa, that GIF is huge. I'll make them smaller in the future.



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