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Learning VEX via Animated Gifs - Bees & Bombs


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Glad people find these interesting. More people should have a go! MORE!


This was less complex than i expected, the circle wave previously gave clues of how to achieve it; Wiggle the circle so its a sine wave bent into a circle, then apply the same in y but with cos, and it pushes it into a circular spiral. Add a ramp to control width and radius, other stuff.


All this will come in useful one day, I'm sure of it... :)








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Had to turn away from the tv for a bit tonight.








First did it as cheaty camera trick, then felt like that defeated the point of this exercise, and did it again in a wrangle. Both versions are in the scene.



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Hi guys,


where do you get the knowledge to do these stuff?


I mean, is it sufficient to take a VEX course or other things as well?

I can read VEX because I have some programming skills, but how do I get the ideas on how to move things?


I know is a strange question but this would really help...




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That's the point of this thread really. :)


As you say, if you know any C-ish languages vex isn't hard to read or write, but I had to see a few examples in context to get a feel for it. Was lucky enough to get acccess to interesting production shots at work, but obviously they couldn't be shared. When I saw the tumblr blog that started this thread, and found they were all done in code via processing, seemed a good base to make small examples that'd hone my skillz, and be a good visual library for others.



If you find a gif that you find interesting, post it here, I (or others) will have a go. The blog tends to post lots of variations on a theme, maybe try taking one of the existing examples and modifying it into something else. Best way to learn is by doing!

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