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Linux -disable Alt-Left Mouse button

Not sure if it effects other distros, but there is an annoying default behavior when you ALT-Left Mouse button click in Ubuntu. It moves the entire application Window.

This is a common question but no universal solution it seems

I've tried the most common solution, modifying the Mouse setting in dconf Editor,

but afaik IT DOES NOT WORK
in Ubuntu mate 16.04.

Anyone else have a solution that would work or I can at least try?

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You might have to start a new session for the change to work. If that doesn't work you can switch to another desktop environment until they fix the bug (assuming it's a bug). You're changing mouse-button-modifier property, right?

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ok thanks. Think i figured it out.

Pretty sure I was changing in the wrong place


Need to go

org → mate → Marco → general → mouse-button-modifier

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