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[SOLVED]Integrating Deforming Geometry With SOP Solver Denting?

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Hi All,

I am trying to dent a deforming surface.

I have a working scene that will dent a static surface but when I supply deforming geometry, such as the blue bending box, to the SOP Solver it does not detect the animation.

Does anyone know how to get both effects to work together?



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I think the cheaper way, if you have already all approved and you just want to "merge" the effects, is to "point deform" the geometry. Just put the geo to deform (the dented, simulated one) in the first input, the bending box at rest into the second input (probably a timeshift at the first simulated frame will works) and the bending box simulated into the third input.

I hope this helps! :)

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Point deform would work but if you want it to dynamically dent as it gets closer/further away from the object you'll need to do something else. 

So long as the topology of the deforming mesh is consistent you need only look back to the same point of the animated geometry from the last frame, get the attrib and apply the deformation ( assuming it's @P += -@N * attrib;). Then after or in the same step you can do a new additive deformation on the animated geo. This ensures that you're retaining the info from the last frame of the deforming object. 

Things get lossy if the topo is not the same so if you can keep the topo the same then do as it'll make it a lot easier to solve. 

Hope this helps, 


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