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Found 7 results

  1. Hey all, I'm trying to do a set up in a point vop using houdini 15.5 and it calls for a Global Variable that was produced in someones set up in Houdini 12 but I cannot seem to find it or something that is similar? Is there another node? I cannot figure out a work around. Please help!!! (attached is a screen grab from the older set up using the node) Thanks,
  2. Hi I am trying to rotate a volume so it aligns with the original geometry. (align along x axis - convert to volume - revert back to original place) I tried setting the primintrinsic, but the pivot point is shifted relative to the original geometry, there is a way to specify the desired pivot for the matrix? Any ideas? Thanks) volume_rotate_v01.hip
  3. Greetings I'm really a novice using Houdini. Since the begining the learning has been mind blowing. I love the procedural way more than ever! Nevertheless, from time to time I stumble with stuff like this: How to draw a Double-Exponential Sigmoid curve like this http://www.flong.com/texts/code/shapers_exp/ I tried VOP SOP with other funtions, like the egg equation thanks to eetu's lab, which is inspiring; but this one seems to be elusive. Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks to this forums I'm learning a lot, and I'm sure I'll continue to do so. Thanks again, CG
  4. Hello guys!! I just discovered today that I do not have certain nodes in houdini that houdini has had since houdini 11. I have tutorial files from cmivfx and I looked at the created time for the node and it was 2011, whatever version of houdini that was. I'm using houdini 14 and it doesn't have the nodes: add point to group create point group point in group I am installing daily builds! What is going on?? Someone please help. Thanks!
  5. Hey Guys I have an issue here with volumes and attributes in general in fact. So in my scene if you take a look at it, I have a vdbfromparticlefluid node that I want to change the voxel scale value based on a colored ramp that runs down the particles and colors the points from black to white. I want to force the voxelscale parameter to be pretty much like .5 when high in the air and .2 when lower in the air. I don't know enough about attributes yet to achieve this, but I want to achieve it using color from the particles. It seems almost impossible to change original parameters stored in geometry (that are essentially locked ) based on new attributes. Of course, this being a volume, I have lost all point data information so I can't use color or anything based on points To explain this better: How would I say take a sphere's radius in x and force the radius in x to be an newly named attribute so that when i change the new attribute, the radius changes in the original sphere based on that attribute? So basically like channel referencing, only it will be channel referencing on an attribute that was created after the fact. So this is more of a "how do I change original geometry parameters based on new attributes that I created after the fact" question. I tried everything under the sun to get this to work. Channel referencing, Volume Vops, (Don't know those yet). Attrib transfer, Solvers in Sop level, Volume from attribute, all kinds of things... Can anyone help me? I need this for a project and I'm on a tight deadline so any help at all will be super highly appreciative. Thank you! Cloud_FloodV4.hip
  6. Hi, I was just experimenting with vex to animate Geo efficiently, without doing simulation. For some reason, my Distance Attrib isn't getting updated. The orientation works fine, but the distance stays at its initial value. can someone take a look in my file? dominoLookAt.hipnc
  7. just a little test of CHOP's in Houdini. The sound sample isnt best for this kind of stuff, but i like AC/DC