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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all,I wonder is anyone else is having the problem I am experiencing:I have a simple crowd sim: 1. I have one agent defined from a FBX. The agent is generated in a different hip file and baked out. In my simulation scene, I am accessing the agent from ‘disk’2. I plug this agent into the crowd source node.3. I simulate my crowd source, using the shelf tool. All good so far.4. I have some geometry (waving flag) saved out as a bgeo sequence, which is brought into my crowd system as packed primitive sequence. It is then attached to my simulated agent with the Agent Relationship node.5. I save the scene.6. When I press play or try to cache out my geometry, I get ‘segmentation fault’, Houdini bombs out and I can not load my scene any more. Not only that, I cannot load the backup scene or even any other scenes I have ‘saved_as’ along the way. As soon as I try to load a hip file, I get a segmentation fault again and Houdini bombs out. Weird.I have remade my agent (with new name) from scratch and remade my simulation scene multiple times and this crash keeps happening.Has anyone seen this kind of problem? What can I do to recover my hip scenes
  2. Hi, I have alot of crashes when I use flip. I got 24GB of RAM, 2.9Ghz, i7, 8CPU's, Nvidea Quadro K2100M, (win10) After I try to do any rop outputs in background and even close everything that has big processes of memory (even houdini itself) its freezing after a while. The RAM is never above 9GB. The processes are mostly around 98%. But even if I lower my afinity in processes Houdini can use (like 60%), my whole Notebook is froozen and have to do a reboot. In flip solver I tried using openCL, Pre conditioner Off/On, It only seems to work with the normal render button instead of "Render in background". Anyone who have some experience with this and knows how to fix it? THNX ALOT
  3. Hello Guys, I have been working on a FLIP sim for the past couple of days and it keeps on randomly crashing when I cache it using Rop output driver, the error is : "1420: Fatal error: Segmentation fault" This is really annoying, I updated my version of Houdini but it didn't solve the problem. I read on the forum that it is a GPU problem, but it doesn't seem very clear, can someone confirm that? I am wondering if I should invest in a better GPU card (quadro range) but I want to be certain that it will solve the problem. Here is my current configuration : - Intel Core i7 4930K3.4Ghz - 48 Gigs of RAM - Geforce GT640 4Gigs Any help or info on this would be really really appreciated!
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