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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys when I start houdini , the console show a segmentation fault. last day everything is ok. but this morning it`s broken . I use win10 16G GTX1060
  2. Hi, I have a problem with running Houdini since I have my new computer. I already contacted support but could't figure out the problem yet. I hope somebody met with this problem or have some idea for a solution. So houdini is crashing after a few second, I cannot do anything with it. I made some test, seems like it crashing mostly when I press tab and start writing a node. any node. When I just open it it doesn't die instantly, but as soon as I try to do something it just crashes. Doesnt matter if I open a clean scene or open a scene I already have. Recently I got the following error message: 6440: Fatal error: segmentation fault. But in the past sometimes it was just quiting without any message. I had the smae problem since I have this laptop, with H 16.5, but somewhy one of the daily built was kind of working, crashing less frequently, but since H 17 came out I tried that, and it do the same thing. I tried the following things: Reinstalled Houdini many times, different versions, different drives, tried it all. Checked and updated videocard drivers, windows updates the latest (win 10, NOT developer/insider version), cleared registry. Checked Rams, videocard with stress test. and anyway all of the other software running without problem. Also tried turn off every other sofware while running houdini but its all the same. The laptop: MSI laptop with 6core i8, 32gb ram, geforce 1070. So that shouldnt be the problem. I clueless now, I have this problem since months. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks!
  3. I've just installed Houdini on my new laptop (it runs an AMD RX 580 and a Ryzen 1700) and i'm getting crashes everytime i try and snap the Houdini window to either top for full screen, or left/right for half screen (a Windows 10 feature). It seems to run OK when using it otherwise (though i've not really done any extensive tests) but whenever I drag the window it gets "11064: Fatal error: Segmentation fault", or similar. I tried changing the GPU Tdr delay value (like in this tutorial - https://support.allegorithmic.com/documentation/display/SPDOC/GPU%2Bdrivers%2Bcrash%2Bwith%2Blong%2Bcomputations and it seemed to work for a few times, but then it went back to crashing again. I've tried Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop and Zbrush, none of them have this issue of crashing. Perhaps Houdini's not registering the GPU??... I have no idea. Any help would be really appreciated. FIX: Realtek Drivers mess with Houdini. Deinstall the using Method 2 - https://appuals.com/how-to-disable-windows-10-from-automatically-installing-realtek-drivers/ [appuals.com]
  4. I had a somewhat crash-y .hip file, and now houdini hard crashes every time I open it, the error I'm getting on the console is 2724: fatal error: segmentation fault. running windows 7 pro I read through the forums and someone suggested backing up all your prefs and trashing the houdini15.xx folder in the $HOME directory, in users\USER\documents\ which worked; then I copied all my nodes over to a fresh scene (thats what I usually do in maya to fix this type of issue) and that has worked in the past but now it is crashing again. So it is something in the prefs The issue is that I am not nearly as familiar with the prefs in houdini as maya and I have an uncountable amount of presets, permanant defaults for almost every node, tons of hotkeys, custom shelves, galleries, toolsets, custom HDA's, custom python menus you name it. I know a lot of this is stored in the houdini install directory but does anyone have any insight as to what preferences might be the most likely culprit and how to restore the ones I need? I'm not really sure what each file does I can't go back versions either, they are all now corrupted, so it makes sense that it would be something buried in the preferences I just have way too much stuff to just trash them all Thanks guys
  5. Hey there everyone, I'm having this annoying error, every time I start simulation at a high resolution, around frame 5 the computer crashes with this error 8152: Fatal error: Segmentation fault. Houdini Apprentice Windows 10 64bit AMD FX 9590 32 GB RAM AMD R9 290X 8GB
  6. Hello Guys, I have been working on a FLIP sim for the past couple of days and it keeps on randomly crashing when I cache it using Rop output driver, the error is : "1420: Fatal error: Segmentation fault" This is really annoying, I updated my version of Houdini but it didn't solve the problem. I read on the forum that it is a GPU problem, but it doesn't seem very clear, can someone confirm that? I am wondering if I should invest in a better GPU card (quadro range) but I want to be certain that it will solve the problem. Here is my current configuration : - Intel Core i7 4930K3.4Ghz - 48 Gigs of RAM - Geforce GT640 4Gigs Any help or info on this would be really really appreciated!