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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everybody, i'm finishing coding a small raytracer that run in sop using vex. one of those thing I always wanted to try to do myself. it store everything on points so no rasterization plane as the idea was to have all the rendering data accessible for later use as you would with any other attributes. it is some sort of an hybrid in the sense that it is correct enough to try to make things look good. it feature many BRDF shading models, photon mapping global illumination ( mathematically done the simple way but it work) and full recursive ray's tree splitting for reflections and refractions. Here a few videos showing some of the feature and a big part of them are already available for download as an OTL for the non commercial edition for everybody interested with the hope it can be helpful to anybody that never coded those things before like me, as I learned a lot during the way. here the videos: This one have been updated recently with lots of new clips showing improvements there and there And this one got th GI part of it with a little demo at the end. download link in the description area: Hope you enjoy, best alessandro
  2. Hi! I recently fully committed myself to Houdini from C4D. Mostly because my first love in 3D was Softimage and when I met houdini was like....but I digress.... I have a few newbie questions that I will greatly appreciate if a more experience user answer them with some honest advice: 1. Very confused about GI: Is Indirect Global photon map the GI solution for houdini. or the PBR mantra render with multiple diffuse bounces is also capable of GI simulation. I ask because the last time I used GI with photon maps was in lightwave with montecarlo calculations (also a bit in C4D before the physical render was implemented) and I remember the horrors of the flickering and bloches and etc etc. So it really scares me to have to go back to photon maps. I am particularly confuse becaused if the PBR rendering is not simmulating GI. What means diffuse bounces? why Env maps HDR actually illuminates the scene....A clarification of this will be greatly appreciated. 2. glass and transparent shadows: In most render engines I had used refractions produced transparent shadows. In mantra it seems that this is called (appropriately, I must admit) faux caustic. This solution is quite good enough for me. But 80% of the time I just want the semi transparent shadow, not the higlights and other details caustic cause. Is faux caustic the only way to go in this cases? 3. And an important question that I am honestly asking as a newbie with no ulterior motive: is one of the answer "use Arnold (or insert any other renderer)" ? I actually really do like Mantra, the shading tools, noises and integration of custom parameters encourage me. I also mostly do motion graphics, some VFX but nothing that push me to look to an ultra-realistic render (read Arnold). But a good enough GI solution (kind of C4D physical renderer) is kind of very useful. Sorry for the lengthy post....oh crap I just made it longer!
  3. Under the "Mantra ROP Parameters affecting photon maps" section the documentation says the shading limit parameters and allowable paths affect the generation of the photon map. From my testing these parameters seem to have no effect, could someone please confirm? https://www.sidefx.com/docs/current/nodes/obj/indirectlight
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