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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have recently created a set of 70+ HDAs called the IPOPs that aim at creating AOVs, Mattes & features for rendering. IPOPs are operator workflows designed to streamline shaders and AOV development in Houdini. With our toolset, artists can easily standardise their networks and access specially developed nodes for various renderers and presets, increasing efficiency and creativity. Get the IPOPs here! Renders in Karma & Mantra. 1. The Standard Library: Set of HDAs that help artists create quick shaders and AOVs and contain useful Utility Nodes such as Fresnel for Karma (CPU & XPU), Mask Falloffs in Shaders etc. The HDA library is constantly updated with new nodes to assist artists in speeding up their workflow and creating a streamlined system thereby increasing efficiency and creativity. 2. The Geometry AOVs: A set of remade common geometry AOVs for artists to quickly generate AOVs, Mattes & Utility Passes for Compositing. 3. The Particles AOVs: A set of remade useful particle AOVs for artists to quickly generate AOVs, Mattes & Utility Passes for Compositing. 4. The Volumes AOVs: A set of remade volume AOVs for artists to enhance their FX using AOVs, Mattes & Utility Passes for Compositing. We have a wide range of Bundles available for various workflows & we support both Houdini Apprentice & Houdini Indie! For any enquiries please email support@chakshuvfx.com I will be posting constant updates and developments here. IPOPs Master bundle: 1. Houdini Apprentice 2. Houdini Indie IPOPs Geometry AOVs bundle: 1. Houdini Apprentice 2. Houdini Indie IPOPs Particles AOVs bundle: 1. Houdini Apprentice 2. Houdini Indie IPOPs Volumes AOvs bundle: 1. Houdini Apprentice 2. Houdini Indie
  2. Hello everybody, i'm finishing coding a small raytracer that run in sop using vex. one of those thing I always wanted to try to do myself. it store everything on points so no rasterization plane as the idea was to have all the rendering data accessible for later use as you would with any other attributes. it is some sort of an hybrid in the sense that it is correct enough to try to make things look good. it feature many BRDF shading models, photon mapping global illumination ( mathematically done the simple way but it work) and full recursive ray's tree splitting for reflections and refractions. Here a few videos showing some of the feature and a big part of them are already available for download as an OTL for the non commercial edition for everybody interested with the hope it can be helpful to anybody that never coded those things before like me, as I learned a lot during the way. here the videos: This one have been updated recently with lots of new clips showing improvements there and there And this one got th GI part of it with a little demo at the end. download link in the description area: Hope you enjoy, best alessandro
  3. Hello, Will using a fresnel/refraction pass and using this in compositing, be faster than rendering the refraction in my beauty pass? My thought is yes, plus I will be able to control just how strong the refraction is in comp(nuke). Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you for your time. -Jim
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