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Found 5 results

  1. attached to a motion path (path constrained) camera's handles seems to be broken, while regular (not attached to a constrained to a path) seems to display handles fine - bug? or i am doing something wrong anyone has any work around or fix?
  2. I am fairly new with Houdini. Somehow I seem to have locked the handles Translate / Rotate / Scale. I cannot RMB on them (nothing happens) and LMB does not show the Gizmo in the Viewport. How can I reset their default behaviour?
  3. Hi all! Have a question that i know have already been asked (or similar, like this post: https://forums.odforce.net/topic/9227-handles-in-digital-asset/) but... yes, i didn't find any answer! So, i will have to make an HDA that will be used in maya, and/or unity, to make simple roads. Curves will be the input geo to build the roads. I would like to be able to edit the bank and the width of the roads, but it would be great to have the asset to "build" some handles, or manipulators, at a user-defined interval on the curve... I mean, i pretend to copy lines perpendiculars to the input curve at each point of that curve, then rotate them using the tangentu axis (thanks polyframe) of the curve's points for banking, and scale them in length for width... (Then, later, using surface nodes to create mesh..) But... For now, on a quick version, i'm tweaking those datas with two ramps, mapping them by the curveU... It kind of works, but as my ramps from 0 to 1 represents the entire length of the road's curve, the longer the road, the harder to make detailed tweaks... So, i was thinking it would be great to make my asset "creates" let's say circles at each 10 meters of my curve, aligned with the road, and beeing able to rotate/scale those circles to shape my road... But is it even possible? I guess in houdini i could have a script in my hou.module() that create and orient circles at object level, then connect them to my curve's points attributes, but would it work in houdini engine? And to start simple... would it works in houdini?? Or have anyone of you guys another idea? I've also seen that the new python viewer states could be a way to go, but apart from the fact that it seems to be way beyond my knowledges, i also don't know if that would work in houdini engine (for maya...) (what i am refering to here: https://forums.odforce.net/topic/40243-bezier-handle-state/) (I made another test with a paint sop, then in unity i was able to paint my bank and width attributes, but it's really hard to refine the shape that way, and anyway, each time i was painting a stroke in unity, the whole "deformation" that my HDA was cooking was disappearing and i had to recook the entire HDA after each stroke...) Thanks for your time, hope someone can help..!
  4. Hi I'm trying to create a boundingbox handle in my hda much like the boundingbox handle in the new uvlayout SOP. And exactly like in the uvlayout sop I want to modify it in the uv viewport. I did a simple rightclick and "export handle to digital asset" and it creates the handle but only in 3d viewport. so my question is if there's a easy way to tell the handle in what viewport it should operate?
  5. UPDATE. I have received this feedback from support: I'm sorry that you are experiencing these problems. Our system requirements have changed for Houdini 14.0. Your graphics card does not support Houdini 14.0. You might get better performance by switching to Yosemite. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi guys, I recently started my path on learning Houdini Apprentice (~1 month ago) using version 13. Last week I installed the new 14 release and I'm really intrigued with these new handles. It seems to me something strange and difficult to use. Maybe an OpenGL problem? (iMac with MacOS 10.9.5 here) Are these handles display normal? (just open Houdini and add a simple box)
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