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Found 3 results

  1. Nemiko

    Smoke houdini

    Smoke rbd houdini + hip file In this asset, the dynamics of the interaction of solid objects with volimetry as well as the dynamics of the destruction of the object are added. https://artstn.co/m/JnJq hip file Cloud and fire houdini + hip file This project presents the procedural modeling of stones, creating a lightning strike, working with sand, clouds, and fire. The final animation can be viewed at the link below or in my portfolio. https://artstn.co/m/Bq6a hip file Lava smoke houdini + hip file This asset presents the dimanics of hot lava smoke, the dynamics of the lava itself, and the shaders of smoke and lava The final animation render can be viewed at the link below or in my portfolio https://artstn.co/m/pJaG hip file Ice smoke houdini + hip file In this asset, not only work on creating cold smoke is presented, but also work with sand and its dynamics, particle emitter, procedural modeling of crystals and stones, as well as a full render of a scene with shaders. The animation that happened in this can be seen on the link below. https://artstn.co/m/d0Ak hip file
  2. Hi, Right now I'm checking out what's going on with the various variants of HOT available (since we need to have to have it working -- and having identical results! -- both in Maya and Houdini). Okay, so I'm still looking at the available Houdini variants, and there's the original one by Drew Whitehouse, and the multithreaded one by Chris Schnellhammer. I compiled both and found the following so far: - The two variants don't give the same results (Chris's version has an additional parameter called "Largest Wavelength", and I'm only getting _almost_ identical waveforms if I set that to about ~91.75 or something) - Chris's version is somewhat faster, but not that much overall, at least on our machines (gives a ~2x speedup on 16m points in multithreaded mode, the speed difference is negligible on light geometry), but this might be due to other issues (*) Obviously I'd like to use the same version in Houdini and Maya, and the one that is the most up-to-date and gives identical results. (This is more preferred than threading performance.) So, does anyone know which version is more up-to-date? (I'd bet on Drew's but not 100% sure -- although the Maya version doesn't have the Largest Wavelength parameter, either) Imre * : We're testing this on a windows and an ubuntu box (both 64 bits) with 4 cores and getting 40-50% CPU usage at most on both machines (but only with quite large point counts, i.e. in the millions), but for some reason we can't get any multithreading in VEX either for some time (on both platforms, too), so it could be something Houdini-related. I just checked out the Maya version and it runs on ~70% usage.
  3. Hi, I'm Nick Nimble, specialized in the simulation and rendering of: - Gases, such as: smoke, fire, fog and dust. - Liquids, such as water and viscous fluids like blood, toothpaste or caramel - Rigid objects, such as a collapsing building, blocks or a stack of products that fall. - Procedural effects, such as: a split-flap display, a digital sea with a large number of boats. Earlier this year I worked at Double Negative in London on Man of Steel as a Houdini FX TD. I'm from The Netherlands, I can work remotely or on site and I'm eglible to work in the european union. My reel and other information: http://www.nicknimble.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/nvanzutphen
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