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Found 26 results

  1. Hello, I'm a student working on a team project. I need help! Could anyone figure out why the dust is generating before the horse is touching the ground? For example, it looks like it's generating in front of the horse. But I just want trails of dust behind the horse everytime it steps on the ground. I'll get the animation of the horse sometime soon from another student, but for now, I have a simple animation of the horse moving along Z-Axis. I've attached my file so it's easier. Please help! Thank you. dust_fx_v008.hipnc
  2. Mist-Ground Dust Effect

    Hi guys, what would be the best approach to recreate something similar to this mist-ground dust effect for the mid-ground? Thanks Isy
  3. Heyo, I'm starting on a new project and I ran into a problem that I can't play my way out of to figure it out. I'm looking for an effect like this Sand tires throw a bunch of sand and trying to get that result has been a challenge. Any ideas? I have been using a simple setup of particles emitted from a ground plane after impact with the ground but that won't give me the repeating trails all the way back. Instead it's a rather sad thing of a few particles flying off incorrectly Any help would be great, thanks.
  4. Hello everybody I come to you today to ask for a little help. I would like to find a fairly "simple" "beginner" technique to get some smoke when an object (a foot) touches my groundplane. I have a step sequence in alembic. But I miss the little idea. I tested with rigid and debris sources but nothing conclusive for the moment. thank you in advance for your help
  5. Hello everyone, I have a question, how to make a dust simulation from the crowd? I have collected an approximate variant, but I think there is a more correct way how to make this simulation more realistic. I made an emitter of particles from each soldier, and then applied volumerasterizeparticles. Test particle fluid source Crowd_test If anyone can help, I will be grateful. Thank you for attention!
  6. Hi, I am doing a personal project of iceberg destruction, and i want one of the fractured piece to behave differently like when it lands on the ground. i want them to be very small pieces like a dust. so i thought the best approach for that effect would be, make them to "grain". therefore, to get that effect, what i did was, i blast one of the piece from the simulation ,which i want them to be behave like a dust, on hitting the ground. unfortunately, i have noticed that ,since its a fractured and already has a simulation. when i apply grain source , the grain source point moves in every frame as it goes to the ground. I know point deform would fix something like that. but since i am newbie, i dont know how to fix this. I have attached a test. please have a look. if you dont understand what i said. Grain.hipnc
  7. I'm looking for a tutorial. I want to make something like dust smoke that spreads from all directions after the bomb explodes. Thank you for your help. Dear.
  8. Dust/Smoke Shockwave

    Hi guys, This is something I've been looking around at for awhile, checking different solutions and testing them out. But I just wanted to check what you guys find to be the most effective way to create a shockwave from f.e. an explosion. Any and all ways are welcome, I'd just like to know what you find works best for you. Cheers, Jack
  9. Houdini Pyro - Dust Storm

    Hi guys! I recently work on this test of Pyro dust . i will try to do more soon. I used Arnold to render and pyroclastic method for the sim with scattered points for divergence. Render time about 15 hours on my machine... Can i have our feedback and advices. Cheers https://vimeo.com/206276685
  10. Hello to everyone! I'm fairly new to Houdini and to vfx at all and been struggling trying to do this by trial and error and searching in forums. Even though I have learned a lot by doing that, I think it's better to ask for someones help. I want to create some dust clouds (like a small dust storm) for a shot. Because the area that I'm trying to fill is big and my resources are limited, I thought it would be a good choice trying to achieve the effect using SOPs instead of a smoke simulation in DOPs. The setup related to this part of the effect is basically some boxes each modified by a Volume VOP to add some noise and animation by frame. I read that Billowy Smoke Shader can help you to get a more fluffy look at rendering. My first frame was great, but the next weren't as good because of the noise. The shader is supposed to use the rest field of your simulation to position it, but I'm in SOPs. Another user asked for something like this in the forum: He says: "just create a vector rest volume in the beginning that has the world coordinate of each voxel as its value. Be careful to do all the same advection operations on your rest volume as you do on your density volume". But I think a main difference is that they are working with shaped geometry and my whole dust storm is, well... a box. Until now my tests have been: 1.- Expose rest attribute with a wrangler before my volume vop and create a surface attribute named rest. 2.- Create it after the volume vop. 3.- Create the noisy volume, then convert it back to polygons, add a rest field and then again convert it to fog. And nothing worked. My questions are: 1.- Is there are way to use a rest field from SOP to shape noise in the billowy shader? If yes, what is it and how do you work it. 2-. Or would it be better to create a noisy volume, convert back to geometry, add pyoclastic noise and convert it back to volume? Thank you in advance. I would really appreciate your comments.
  11. Houdini FX Reel 2016

    All of my latest work from projects including X-Men Apocalypse, Game of Thrones Season 6, and more. FX Reel 2016

    Hello guys, I would like to share our 8 week masters project with you. It was done at Bournemouth University as part of the Digital Effects course by 3 students. I hope you like it! Cheers!
  13. Hi, rookie question: Why is it that when I import an Alembic camera from Maya into Houdini, it makes the whole scene insanely large. The camera moves a massive distance and as such I am forced to create massive grids and simulations with attributes set to numbers in the thousands. This is really hard to work with and creates clipping problems if you move close to the geometry, which i cant seem to fix even in display options. I'll attach the scene file and the ABC camera file (not sure how to attach them in the same file). So import the ABC file yourselves Basically the camera is leading a car straight along a road and there is going to be a dust storm in the background and also dust trailing behind the car. If you convert the tube in the scene to Billowy Smoke, it comes up with a warning saying 'Object level scales detected. A new object has been created to convert to world space'. Which I suppose is a way of saying 'Hey, your scene is super massive and could be fixed somehow'. I'd like to know if there is some way to import the same camera, but have the scene scaled to a suitable size so i dont have to put huge numbers in while experimenting with smoke, particles etc. Thanks Scene01.hipnc Camera Alembic.abc
  14. Asteroid Dust Trails

    Hey guys, This is my first post here! I'm new to Houdini and learning a lot from the shelf tools, available tutorials, forum posts and documentation. Now I'd like to create dust trails from shattered asteroid pieces. Here is what my trail setup looks like so far (.hip attached): I'm almost happy but a few things should be improved/fixed: The "Source Volume" node doesn't know the torus' velocity when drawing into the density field, which results in stepping. I'd like the smoke to interact with (flow around) the geometry. Can I draw it into an obstacle and/or velocity field? Merging the solvers didn't help yet. Maybe I could modify the air pressure/resistance aroudn the asteroid and ignore it for the smoke that's far enough away? With the "Gas Resize Fluid Dynamic" node active, there's some strange aliasing happening towards the end. Any tips on how to achieve/fix those issues would be great! I've been searching the forums and several tutorials already. But as today most of them are not written text but videos instead, it's hard or at least very time-consuming to find specific information. I'll keep playing with nodes and parameters, watching volume wrangling tutorials and also try preparing an upres setup. Thanks! Hebi 2016-08-04_asteroid_trail_v002.hip
  15. Smoke Emissions Scale Over Time

    Hi All, 1.I am Emtting Pyro Smoke from Rbd Object with different size. But my Smoke is coming with same size.how do i control size of emt Smoke. 2. If i need Smoke emt from frame 0 to 10. Lets say on frame 0 desity will be 0 and on frame 10 it will be 2. Thanks
  16. Helicopter dust effect method

    Hi forum I'm trying to achieve a helicopter dust raise and this is what I reached for curly dust layer more or less and I want to add another layer of dust simulation for horizontal movement after that. I used an arena shaped geometry to create velocity volume and advect some particle with this velocity field. and at last I simulate this volume from particles that has this arena shape already without extra advection, just some turbulence and disturbance. But as you see this so smooth in the base and has more noise at the ends and this is annoying. So after reading some related threads in forum, I start to think if I'm wrong. maybe I should advect particles with volume instead. actually I want to know best approaches for creating similar effect. Thanks in advance
  17. Hey everyone, I'd like to try and create a tire burnout effect where the smoke is emitted from the tire/ground contact point. The smoke then shoots out from the back of the tire based on the velocity of the rotating tire as the car goes in circles. I'm still a beginner with houdini, so I have an idea of what I need to do (I think) but I'm not sure how to go about reaching my goal. Right now I'm thinking that I need to get a contact zone for the tire's point of contact with the ground. Then I need to calculate the velocity of the spinning tire and send that to the emitting particles (which are emitting from the tire). The particles should then emit only when they're in the contact zone (so they mostly shoot out in the rear direction). Then I make it so only the emitted particles drive a pyro sim. I've attached a hip of where I'm at so far. I have the velocity from tire figured out, I just need to figure out how to get a contact zone and only emit particles when the surface of the tire is in the contact zone. Here are a few hip files that I've found during my initial research. I feel like the examples in this link don't give the best results for what I'm going for though, so I'd like to do this another way: http://www.sidefx.com/index.php?option=com_forum&Itemid=172&page=viewtopic&t=17139&view=previous&sid=b2857b8fc9d609b04ecb1cc6610e1c18 I'd like my effect to be similar to this example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QcT3xSjaPv0 Here's a reference video for the final effect I'd like to achieve: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pj8zdgHMtbU. Thank you! tire_burnout_odforum.hipnc
  18. Dust questions

    Hey, Im a vfx student right now and I've been trying to learn houdini on my own for the past little while. For a class project I need to be able to have dust kick up from the ground for a vehicle landing, a rotor wash type effect. I was hoping smoeone here would be able to give me ideas on how I can at least get started.
  19. Dust Smoke Techniques

    Hey All! I have been surfing the forums and just checking out some of the different techniques. I am curious to see some of the latest techniques we have for handling plumy dust. I still use the LoRes to PopAdvect to HiRes method for most of my problems but I am curious what other people have come up with! Can't wait to hear back!
  20. VFX Short film 2014

    Here is my final short film for Sheridan's 10 month Visual Effects course. Everything from pitch, storyboards, previsualization, shooting plates, editing and vfx is done entirely by myself. I had the support and feedback of a great group of teachers and classmates. Breakdown to come soon. All shots you see have VFX elements, how many can you spot? Programs Used: - Nuke 8.0v3 - Houdini 13 - Maya 2014 - PF Track - Mari 2.5v2 - Adobe Creative Suite Timeline Included: - September - October (Pitch) - October-November (storyboards) -November-December (previsualization) - January-February (production shoots for whole class) - February-March (editing) - March-June 20th (VFX) All visual elements were created entirely by myself Music: "Happy End" by Distemper **Feel Free to inquire regarding any questions or critiques as I am still fine tweaking some details over the next few weeks. ** https://vimeo.com/98883004
  21. Dear Houdini Community, I've been trying to figure parameters of curl noise for my parameters and I've been stuck for quite a while... My object moves fast from left to right and emits particles behind. I used curl noise to create curls, but I can't make the curls bigger. They should quickly fly out of the object and then curl and disperse in the air. I am attaching my sketch which is easier to understand. Any hint appreciated. Have a nice weekend :} ~ashe bigger curl noise.tar.gz
  22. Heya, We have a few shots in our short film that i'm looking to get some input on. There are 2 shots - A spaceship crashing into the moon surface, and another of it sliding and coming to a rest. Im am mainly a Maya guy but am slowing get the hang of Houdini. Having a play around in both Maya and Houdini the are a few options to deal with this - and Im looking for thoughts on how to create a dynamic moon surface can provide an impact effect like this: So far I've dabbled with rigid cloth tests for ground deformation on a slide and flip fluids for the impact (but the retention of shape has got me a bit baffled).. Any body have experience with such an effect shot and able to provide some guidance - that would be awesome. Ollie
  23. I've a pre_fracture sphere that is falling down on ground as RBD Fractured Object. When it hits ground, it breaks apart and emit particles on collision(Impacts). I used two methods for that. In method_01 I created an add node which creates a point for each impact at the proper position using dopfield function. Then I added a copy node to create a point for each record on the object using dopnumrecords function. Then I append another copy node to get the number of RBD fracture pieces and make a copy for each using to arg expressions. Finally I created a popnet node to emit particles on impacts. Every thing works fine, except emitting unnecessary particles on origin(0,0,0). In methode_02 I created an add node with single point and appended copy to copy that point as many times as Impacts occurred using dopnumrecords function in number of copies field. Then I added a point sop to get the exact positions of pieces using dopfield expression in Position field. The I copied a grid on those points. Finally I added a popnet. In this case particles are being emitted only from first piece which objID is 0 (in my case that is piece0 and objID is 2). I attached my hip file. Kindly help. dust_from_RBD.hipnc
  24. Dust - various doubts

    Hey everyone, It turns out that Im working on a dust simulation from fractured rigid bodies. This simulation has 1.4 Divisions and before I enhance the Divisions to cache again the final sequence, I want to fix this problems Im having. Im using Whispy smoke shader. In the light blue square, the smoke seems to have dots inside, like a net. Why is this happening? In the red circle, there is a pretty flat end of the dust, how can I make this simulation more like a ball while the tip goes down? Im ok with the yellow circle, I like to see the rigid bodies through the dust, even though how can I set more density in the smoke so that the early smoke lose density and the new one has a lot of it? Trai
  25. Foot_dust_effect - Problem

    Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to say that am a new Houdini user! I don't know if my problem is fairly easy to solve , but anyway. Am trying to create a sort of ''automated'' dust system for a chasing Shot. (school project) I would like to transfer the point color attribute from the animated foot to a grid. After that, I would like to isolate the colored points and then emit smoke from them. I searched and I founded that VOP sop could give me great result. I think the key is in the ''Cd[0],Cd[1],Cd[2]'', but i don't know how to use them correctly. I would like to know what is the best way to achieve this type of effect and if am on the track or not. Am very open to every solution. Foot_dust.hipnc Thank you in advance! Pier-Luc V.