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Found 2 results

  1. Subdivide / interpolate voxel?

    Hi guys, I'm working on some pyro simulations which require dense fluid look. I have to crush the density remapping to achieve the dense look. But the banding issue appears. So I'm thinking is it possible to subdivide each voxel to 8 small voxels and interpolate the density value? Thanks!
  2. Hi! I have a CHOP channel containing some values and I would like to select only a few values at specific samples to then interpolate between them. I have attached a scene where the node `SAMPLES` needs to be used to select the values from `VALUE` to interpolate from. The node `DESIRED` represents the final result that I am after. I'm getting this result by manually creating constant values to interpolate from but it doesn't seem possible to do this procedurallly based on the nodes `VALUE` and `SAMPLES`? Also the process needs to be fast so I would like to avoid using `ic*` expressions if possible. Any idea? Thanks! chop_interpolate.hipnc