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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I am trying to find training that is similar to a old course that Rebelway is no longer providing. It was their old course titled "Introduction To Houdini For 3D artists", here is a youtube link for reference. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thank you in advanced
  2. Hi, I Need some info. My workstation is about 6 years old. It is a Core i7 6700K. (core is just 4). But I put more memory for learning Houdini. it is now 64 GB Ram. My Graphics card is 750ti 4GB memory. I plan to buy "ZOTAC GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB GDDR6 Twin Edge OC Graphics Card" and subscribe to Redshift Render. So far I know Graphics cards are very important. But budget is an issue. 1. What do you think about my current system with GeForce RTX 3060 Ti 8GB? Can I handle a professional freelancing job with rendering? I intend to get a redshift subscription also. 2.Are these enough to do a professional level job as well as courses provided in Rebelway water fx courses as well as other vfx courses? 3. Is Ram bus speed (MHz) important? Or should I just focus on Capacity (GB)? 4. If I don't buy the graphics card then I can get the latest intel cpu (Core i9 12900K Processor) with 128 GB ram. I can use my old 750ti 4GB memory graphics card. I intend to do a lot of fluid simulation as well as other effects Houdini provides. Please give me honest professional advice. As it is a one time investment. I can't afford more until I start earning. Thank you so much.
  3. I've been working my way through the free Rebelway asset creation courses and the same tiling method is being used in both of the first two parts for COPs and VOPs tiling. However, I ran into a snag around 4:27:00 of the first masterclass, where Saber bakes out the flattened Torus to assist in tiling the texture. Perhaps, I did something wrong when rendering it out of Mantra, but my rendered texture looks correct, and I'm getting some bizarre banding when trying to implement it in the Tiling Part 2 section as well as the tiling section of the second VOPs course even though I seem to have everything hooked up properly. I posted this question in the YouTube discussion, but no response and it seems like someone else posted the same issue on there already. In any case, I wrote Rebelway to ask if they still had the assets, which they don't and informed me that the course was discontinued because they need to update it for use with the latest version of Houdini. So, I'm wondering if it's possible that SideFX changed something under the hood in Houdini 18.5 that's messing with this workflow, or am I just improperly baking out the texture? bake_torus_scale_1_1_1K.exr
  4. Hey everyone i'm currently i'm watching and learning a Rebelway Intro to Houdini FX Week 06 - Debris Src and i'm stuck middle of training sorry my english is not good i'm facing a issue thought to share it here maybe someone face same issue as me and find a solution i going to make this simple as i can 1- here i have fractured & animated box , the moving pieces of the box going to emit points i used popnet popsolver for that , and everything works fine 2- now when the pieces moving they going to emit points as you see in picture 3- but here go problem , in rebelway training the teacher going to convert the moving object to vdb polygon so he can use it as collision for points and he going to add the vdb collision to system using static object "use deforming geometry" everything works fine for him but soon as i do something like this the points go crazy - i check boundary and normals str but still facing same issue
  5. Hey All, I hate to do this, as I know these guys have some great tutorials and have probably helped a fair amount of you out with their classes. But now I'm stuck with no refund and no responses: I've recently purchased their fire sim / rendering tutorial from their website. Well if you read the disclaimer their 'tutorial delivery system' is still in beta and they have had issues with people getting their tutorials delivered instantly. They also mention that if there is ANY issue; they will get a copy of the tutorial delivered to you within 24 hours. Well I'm sad to say that is NOT the case. After about half a day after purchasing I e-mailed them at the address specified letting them know my tutorial still had not been delivered. I received an e-mail about 6 hours later stating that the tutorial system was not working and that the 'various' developers are on vacation and the delivery system will not be ready until the 2nd of September. They mentioned they can provide a refund if I can not wait the 2 weeks for the tutorial I was expecting immediately. So, no sweat, I'll take the refund. I also mentioned how I found it a bit unprofessional that they were providing a product that they knew full well would not be able to be delivered within the parameters stated on their site but I digress. Well, after a day or two of no response I decided to ask what the status of the refund was... Still nothing, even after sending to each of their available e-mail addresses. Its now been just over a full week and I've still not received a refund or ANY response. I know a week might not seem like a long time, and while I agree, I think a week with NO response is a bit ridiculous. So with that I leave you with a BUYER BEWARE for Rebelway. Hopefully this gets enough exposure to light a bit of a fire and perhaps get me a response! Thanks, -J
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