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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, In a small-size Flip-Fluid simulation, I would like to increase the outer particle density (on the surface of fluid). So I set these parameters: Particle separation = 0.006 Particle Radius = 1.3 Grid Scale = 1.1 Velocity Transfer = "APIC (Swirly)" Surface Oversampling = 40 Oversampling Bandwidth = 3 Surface Tension = 1 Sub-Step = 2 But the result is not satisfying! Outer particles are jittering and the surface is not even. How can I fix it? Thanks for helping.
  2. Hello, I have tried to replicate the videos down below. However I got an issue that the sim has a hard time to remain thickness/volume of the upres layer. I could kinda fix it when bringing up the reseeding (surface oversampling) to about 10, but that will change the volume of the sim. Does anyone have any ideas regarding that? https://vimeo.com/108888186 https://vimeo.com/638633520#t=71s
  3. Hello, In a small-scale FLIP-Fluid simulation, I need to improve the flow of fluid particles, so I tried these settings: 1) FlipSolver -> Particle Motion-> Reseeding -> Surface Oversampling = 20 2) FlipObject-> Particle Separation = 0.01, Particle Radius Scale = 0.66, Grid Scale = 0.8 3) FlipSolver -> Volume Motion -> Velocity Transfer -> APIC(Swirly) 4) FlipSolver -> Volume Motion -> Surface Tension = 20 5) FlipSolver -> Substeps Tab -> Min Substeps=10, Max Substeps=20 6) I add a POP-Drag node (Air Resistance = 1) to the simulation. But the result is not that satisfying! How can I improve it? Thanks for helping. FLIP_Fluid.mp4
  4. Hello Houdini pros! I'm using the FLIP Solver's Reseeding feature, but it doesn't seem to be applying enough reseeding in the areas that count. It is reseeding the entire FLIP tank, where I'm really only needing the detail in the splash. Current train of thought: Create group of particles that are above the waterline (my current method isn't great, as it groups all points above P.y 0.01) Apply reseeding only to that group. Have had a search around online and have found one person talking about this, but not how to impliment it. Any help is greatly appreciated! Reseed_Above_Waterline.hipnc
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