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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I am trying to start Learning Houdini HDK so i started by compiling the sample files. I managed to compile with hcustom, everything worked fine so i tried with cmake. generating the project worked but when i open the solution file in visual studio and i build i get a lot of errors saying impossible to initialize member "....". I'm on Windows 10 i use Houdini 17.5.425 and visual studio Community 15 2017 and cmake 3.18. Any ideas why i get all these errors ? should I upgrade to Houdini 18 ? I can work with hcustom for now because i'm just Learning but I would be very happy to undertand why it doesnt work. Thanks !
  2. Hello, is there a VEX function for sampling N at arbitrary location in NURBS surface (based on uv location for example)? One way would be to convert NURBS to polys and get normals from them. But I thought that maybe there is easy way of getting N directly from NURBS? Thanks, Juraj