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Found 9 results

  1. Hello; I tried to smooth 4 connected (using PolyPath SOP) curves by converting them to the NURBS curve, but it seems that it doesn't smooth the start and end of the curve. How can I fix it? Thanks for helping. NURBS.hip
  2. I'm running into an issue. I'm using the convert node to change my wires to NURBS. However, when I render these out it renders them as if the conversion hasn't happened. Is there a good reason as to why this is happening?
  3. Hi Wizards I'm trying to convert a poly shape to a NURBS surface or curve. So that i'm able to project that polyshape onto another object. So that I can trim it. The goal is make it look like the shape has been carved out of the other object. Other solutions than projecting the NURBS surface are welcome too! Thank in advance Pattern on Ball.hipnc
  4. Hi all, I am currently attempting to create a network of interlocking curves that I can convert to a surface. Id like to effectively use the curves as a guide to create a nurbs surface. The problem I am facing is in areas where more than 2 curves meet any form of skinning seems to fail me. What would be the best method to create a surface between each of these curves? Thanks for your time guys! CurvesProblem.hip
  5. Hello, is there a VEX function for sampling N at arbitrary location in NURBS surface (based on uv location for example)? One way would be to convert NURBS to polys and get normals from them. But I thought that maybe there is easy way of getting N directly from NURBS? Thanks, Juraj
  6. Hi guys! This is my first post here! Doing my first steps with Houdini Apprentice (love it!), thanks to Ari Danesh tutorials. And I have a couple of questions: QUESTION 1 — Say I'm drawing a NURBS curve with 16 CVs in perspective view… — And I need to translate various (6-8) of these points… — …or in the middle of edition, I change to TOP view and discover that I want to re-orient my curve, like rotating all 90º in Y — Using the “Curve Point Translator Handle” I can only move points one by one and is not possible to use a lasso to select and modify various at a time, AFAIK — Of course, I can change to Select Tool (White Arrow) to select various or all CVs, using lasso, to translate or move all at a time, BUT then this adds a new Edit Node… Is there some way to translate (or rotate, or scale) various CVs at a time, not one by one, WITHOUT adding a new Edit Node? -------------- QUESTION 2 — Once I draw my NURBS at “floor” (Y=0) I decide that I need to elevate all points from Y=0.0 to Y=8.5 — Again, move each 16 CVs one by one using the “Curve Point Translator Handle” is something tedious… — And using the Select Lasso + Translate creates a new Edit Node (and I don't want that here) Is there some quick way to change all coordinates for that 16 CVs from Y=0.0 to Y=8.5? I see that all coords are available to edit in the Node Coordinates Field in the form of: -5.88943,0,-4.53718 -2.55728,0,-5.74685 -0.019098,0,-4.35751 2.68056,0,-0.789587 0.164164,0,2.45453 -2.47971,0,2.05491 -4.41809,0,0.407587 -7.34409,0,1.07099 -7.21616,0,3.55875 -4.44833,0,6.02655 -0.512206,0,5.01098 3.61948,0,5.01341 6.90084,0,3.8506 7.40246,0,1.13527 7.4175,0,-1.95664 6.55921,0,-5.94921 But looking for each "0" there to change by "8.5" is not exactly the quickest procedure… Using RMB buton in the Curve node I can access to the "Spreadsheet", but this seems a thing only for checking (and not for edition purposes). I can change each value there, one by one, but then this creates a “soft lock” in node (which destroys edition once you unlock that…) Any help on these basic questions will be really appreciate! THANKS in advance :-)
  7. Most likely a simple question, but I can't figure it out....: How can I render just the nurbs curves from a nurbs object without the surface? Any help would be appreciated! Greets, Chris
  8. Hello, From Houdini's help: "NURBS surfaces might distort the crept geometry due to the non-uniformity of their U and V knot sequence. If the knots are not laid out uniformly (as in the case of a NURBS spline), knots closer together will squash the crept geometry in the corresponding surface region." How to preserve shape of my geometry and avoid that squashing due non-uniformity of UV knot sequence? I've tried basis and refine SoP, nothing happen. In Houdini 8 Creep SoP was working fine [for me], UV knots weren't distoring geometry [Z axis on Creep SoP]. Sidefx support gave me answer that H8 Creep SoP was buggy. Is there any solution to preserve the shape of crept geo [in Y world axis] in H13? creepBug.hipnc
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