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Found 4 results

  1. its a very simple question. ofcourse i have gone through odforum and google for redundancy. Question is , how do i get an object and its shadow rendered out. eg:- if i have a box on a ground i want to render out box and all its elements including its shadow but excluding the ground. so that i can save time on rendering background and that way i can export to Photoshop and play around with different background. i know the long method i want something like vray in maya, vray has a shadow catcher. below is the only tutorial i found on internet. this method is ridiculous, and its pretty old . i am hoping there is a simple method ,as the update of Houdini in each year is awesome
  2. Hi there, Total Houdini novice here with a bit of a strange question: I have a smoke simulation that I have created the swirls around a central character that is being rendered in Unreal Engine. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fuoitdNjuBZ1UPgkAi-e9G63CKW-40YS/view?usp=sharing The smoke itself is rendered in out of Houdini in slices and played back in Unreal as the alpha of a video texture, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of how it might be possible to set up something like a shadow catcher to catch the shadows cast by the smoke on the surface of the character, but instead of just rendering shadows that hit a specific piece of geometry to a frame as scene by the camera it could be applied to the character and render out as a texture sequence taking into account the characters UVs, so that it can be played back in Unreal? I feel like this is a pretty weird request and no doubt there is tons wrong with it, but I thought I might as well ask, you can do anything in Houdini it seems! Many thanks for any advice, H
  3. Hi, I want to place a 3d object onto a real background and match the lighting. I am using PBR rendering option in Mantra. I am having a hard time to find out a shader/material that only recieves shadow and do not cast any shadow. I have tried shadow matte shader but it renders completely black. Can anyone please help me. I would also appreciate if anyone can please suggest me how to change the properties of an object as to only cast shadow or receive shadow and similar components. Thanks
  4. Calling all shader making wizards... I am trying to make a simple shadow catching material like the shadowMatte material that has the option to be able to toggle on and off "enable self shadows". If this tickbox is on, then each object can cast a shadow on itself. If it is off, then each object cannot cast a shadow on itself. As a bonus it would be great to have something like an "object scope" parameter similar to the occlusion vex node, where I could pass in a list of objects that the shader would use to enable or disable self shadowing. I have attached a file showing where I have got to. This works for enabling or disabling self shadows on a single object but it seems to require one shader per object to work properly if I want to apply the shadow catcher to multiple objects. I would prefer to do this by wiring vops together than writing in vex but whatever works Thanks in advance! shadowCatchingShader_v01.hip
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