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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! I am stuck trying to solve a problem. I have these aperture like petals that I want to disappear in a physically impossible way [see gif]. https://gfycat.com/skinnysneakyjaeger You can see in the photo I accomplished this using boolean. However, I cannot keep using boolean because it is affecting my material. I have a rest position on the "petals" geometry to keep the texture in place, but when the "petals" geometry starts getting deleted by the boolean sop, it starts making the material freak out slightly. My second idea was to use the same geometry I used for the boolean [third photo] but instead make it a have a matte material instead of boolean. This works, but it starts cutting out other geometry in the scene. Is there a way to make it so the object with a matte material only affects some of my geometry? Is there a better way to solve this problem? I want to avoid rendering out the petals geometry in separate passes. I also need to trick the visibility for some gears too, so I don't want 50 render passes. Thanks
  2. Hi, I want to place a 3d object onto a real background and match the lighting. I am using PBR rendering option in Mantra. I am having a hard time to find out a shader/material that only recieves shadow and do not cast any shadow. I have tried shadow matte shader but it renders completely black. Can anyone please help me. I would also appreciate if anyone can please suggest me how to change the properties of an object as to only cast shadow or receive shadow and similar components. Thanks