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Found 27 results

  1. PYRO FX

    Hello, I am making a fireball and volcano and I am trying to make the fire appear only in the bottom part at first and I can't do it, what parameters do I have to manipulate to make it possible. Thank you!!!
  2. mm BurnOut v1 - H17.5 and up

    Hi there! After more time of working, testing, and, more long process, writing the documentation (help offline) I publish my new OTL for Houdini (17.5 and up) to create a dust/smoke FX generated from the contact between one or more geometry. The tool is inspired by another tool I did and used in production on some TV-Show for kids (check on my LinkedIn profile). In the last 4 months, I re-created, re-design, and fixed some problems from the old OTL for made a very stable and cool tool you can use for your FX and in more cases is "ready-out-the-box". It's a payment tool and if you buy the version for Houdini 17.5 I give you a free update for the next release with the sparse solver. buy now here https://gum.co/NVcJM If you follow me on Patreon you can take it for free. I'm working on the version with sparse solver, if you get it now you have the update for free. Thanks Matteo video
  3. IED explosion pyroFX help

    Hi everyone, does anybody have any idea of how i achieve an instant explosion like this video with pyrofx https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBSTDing_aQ i cant seem to get the instant explosion i desire no matter what i tweak in Houdin
  4. This is the first time I've played around with pyrofx and wanted a review on what I could improve here, I'm a newbie to houdini and I've just started so any advice would be appreciated. I started using houdini approximately 1 or 2 wek ago Fireball.mp4 untitled.mantra_ipr.0001.mov
  5. Forest Fire

    Forest Fire entirely done using Houdini and Rendering in Arnold.
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to setup a TOPs network to cache out sims with multiple parameters being sent to the dop network. Seemingly basic stuff, however nothing I'm doing seems to be working how I think it's going to work. What I've tried: Using a wedge node to set a random attribute and trying to use that attribute in an exterior dop network - caches into a view able geo rop output but all the wedges were the same Rebuilding the pyro sim purely in the tops network - it makes something but when viewed all the frames appear empty Have the source inside the tops and the dop outside - same result as the first
  7. Redshift issue with pyrofx

    I'm trying to render an explosion and here is the result ? any idea ? thanks hdni_untitled.hip
  8. Hi there, Total Houdini novice here with a bit of a strange question: I have a smoke simulation that I have created the swirls around a central character that is being rendered in Unreal Engine. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fuoitdNjuBZ1UPgkAi-e9G63CKW-40YS/view?usp=sharing The smoke itself is rendered in out of Houdini in slices and played back in Unreal as the alpha of a video texture, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of how it might be possible to set up something like a shadow catcher to catch the shadows cast by the smoke on the surface of the character, but instead of just rendering shadows that hit a specific piece of geometry to a frame as scene by the camera it could be applied to the character and render out as a texture sequence taking into account the characters UVs, so that it can be played back in Unreal? I feel like this is a pretty weird request and no doubt there is tons wrong with it, but I thought I might as well ask, you can do anything in Houdini it seems! Many thanks for any advice, H
  9. Pyro Resolution Fix

    Hi, I have setup a pyro, its resolution seems nice and crisp but as the bounding box expands the resolution seems to fall down and everything looks voxelized. How to setup the pyro in such a way that it maintains a certain resolution according to the size of the bounding box. I have attached a link of the pyro video, you can clearly see the fire becoming lowres as the boundingbox expands. Please let me know how to fix it.
  10. Hi There! I am trying to transfer my smoke and water sim from Houdini to Unity but I am very lost. Any ideas?
  11. create pod exhaust wash

    Hi, guys I am trying to recereate this please consider the timeframe 00:46 to 00:57 what you can see is that when pod is falling on the ocean surface...... it launches the thruster to slow down the its speed. when i`m trying to create the same thing in houdini, the problem what i`m facing is that my pyro smoke is going upwards instead of going downwards...i have tried everything by killing the temperature, reversing buoyancy and velocity, but nothing is working, i`m attaching the R&D file with it, but please don`t consider it as an final version. A little help would be appreciated pod_landing_exhaust_test.hip
  12. Smoke Effect skin

    Hi Everyone I was wondering if someone knows how I can create this effect I have just done a simple smoke simulation, but I do not know how to make the inside: also, if anyone knows, I am trying to create this object with the exterior like the purple surface, but the inside to look like this: ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED
  13. Smoke Effect skin

    Hi Everyone I was wondering if someone knows how I can create this effect I have just done a simple smoke simulation, but I do not know how to make the inside: also, if anyone knows, I am trying to create this object with the exterior like the purple surface, but the inside to look like this: ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED
  14. Pyro FX density vs heat

    Hello, Does any one kno why the density field is being used as a binding for the threshold in the shape parameters of the pyro effect simulation once you use the "smokeless flame" preset? Its kind of weird that it takes density into account because density represents the smoke and we are trying to shape just the flames... Thanks, Diogo
  15. How does Pyro FX works?

    Hello everyone, Does any of you know where can I find in depth knowledge of the pyro solver (I wouldn't mind the resources went further into math and implementation), its workflows and rendering pypeline? The documentation by sideFX is very poor in this case, and the tutorials on the subject are even worse (the usual -> "I think if you move this slider, it does this...") . Thank you, Diogo
  16. Strange pixelation in Fire

    Hey all, I'm getting some strange pixelation issues in my fire render. I was playing with various settings all night yesterday. I'd love to get past this part and start working on the look of it. Has anyone ran into something like this before? To give you an idea of scale, the model is 25cm. I would attach a .hip file but I'm using a bgeo cache for some elements, including the fluid source. Thanks for any help in advance
  17. Pyrofx smoke render issue

    Hey all, After following the billowy smoke tutorial I gave it a render but I'm having issues with the results. It doesn't look much like what I'm seeing in the viewport or what I've seen in other renders. It looks grainy, especially on the edges where it's less dense. I've attached a viewport screen grab, the render and .hip file. I'd really appreciate any help I can get with this one. billowysmoke_renderissue.hip

    Hello! I'm animating a burning match, and here is my problem : The ignition starts too slowly, even if I set up a fast fire. Is there a way too fix this? This is the kind of ignition I would like to make : Thank you!
  19. Hi! I'm pretty new here and haven't played around with Houdini too much. I'm doing these little explosions as a way of learning the software and then sending it to C4D which is my main 3D package to render and composite etc. I'm trying to fire out how to make my particles to emit smoke and can't figure out no matter what. I read many topics on this but the whole node based thing is pretty new to me. What I did in this attached scene was basically have a particle animation I liked and then clicked on 'explosion' from the pyro fx shelf. It seems to add all the necessary nodes but I don't see any smoke coming from the particles, only these rainbow colored trails. Sorry about my ignorance, I know this must be so simple but I'm really stuck. Any help is appreciated Thanks explosion2.hiplc

    Hello fellow houdini artists. i hope y'all having a great weekend, just a quick quest, does anyone know how pyrofx can be used as a source to destroy a rigid body wall or any object that has been converted into a RBD, or after setting up or after setting up my fracture can i assign a pyro "fireball" to be the collider of the Fracture ? rather than having a sphere... please check out the example attached and thank you very much
  21. Hi Guys, I have recently started experimenting with Houdini and have stumbled upon a problem I can't seem to find a solution to. I have a Pyro fx explosion setup and I would simply like the gas resize field to reach the maximum bounds of the container and then switch off. Currently, whilst the smoke is dying out, the resize container is scaling back down to the size of the emitter object resulting in a visible bounding box in the render. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Clive
  22. FumeFX VDB in Houdini?

    So I come from a Max background using Vray. I can load in VDB's from Houdini through Vray's VolumeGrid. I was trying to do the reverse; load in FumeFx VDB's into Houdini. I can load in the VDB's no problem and I see it in the viewport. However, trying to use the volume shader is entirely different. When I click the VDB in the viewport and go to the primitives view I can see Fume's channels. I'm not sure it's even possible but I attached a screenshot to better explain what I'm talking about. I would attach a .VDB file but it's 100mb so...But the scene is literally loading in the file and then has a transform to scale it down. Thanks!!!
  23. Hi guys, I'm quite new at this stuff and my English is awful so please go easy on me D: I've been following This tutorial trying to figure out how to make an explosion in Houdini and I've got pretty far but once he got to the rendering part i got lost. Can't for the life of me find out why all the tabs, options and other stuff are different and how to gain similar results. Can someone please explain to me how i could replicate his steps for rendering in 15th version since everything's different , also can someone explain why do i have to use volume visualization node in order to gain similar results in the scene view and does it affect render results in any way? Thanks
  24. Moving pyro emission direction

    hey im very new to using Houdini and im working on a moving object that is emitting flames, the problem is i need the control the direction the flames are emitted in, i want to emit on a 45 degree angle however the moving object seems to just force them out at 90 degrees. my hip file is linked below thrusters 2.hipnc
  25. Hey all! First time posting here. Been learning Houdini for quite a while. Loving the dynamic sims! Gotta admit its a bit different in terms of workflow which is why I am kind of stuck. So basically what I have set up is a torus which emits smoke for couple frames. In the dop network, after the pyrosolver I have a groundplane, gravity and magnet force(hooked to metaball to make the smoke from the torus expand radially outwards). I simmed this for 160 frames. Attached a file node after the output and wrote .sim files. I researched online and found that I have to plug this frame 160 simfile to initial state in the dop network and voila I get that expanded smoke shape on frame one. What I wanna do now is take this naturally expanded smoke shape and sim it so its kind of settling down on the ground. I don't want it to expand anymore but I donno why when I hit play on frame one, the smoke keeps expanding. I also increased gravity ridiculously high but the sim is somehow still not getting affected. SO, how does one set initial state in a way, Houdini doesn't remember the previous simulation data and takes this initial frame and starts affecting it depending on the forces in the dop network. I hope I am not confusing you. I will gladly post any other information you need to help me out. Thank you!