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Arnold render for Houdini


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i know there has been a far amount of interest in developing a houdini2arnold plugin, i suggest if your interested you send them a mail!

i'll be doing some comparisons for our company next week, to decide whether we use Mantra or Arnold for our next job. this unfortunately means i have to use Softimage...

we're currently going to be using Arnold to render a characters hair, the rest of the scene is rendered with PBR, unfortunately rendering hair in PBR is pretty much impossible, and Arnold flies through hair renders.


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mh, who is developing it? sometimes a more official statement would be cool, but somehow it this myth thing seems to be a fixed part of arnold :)

I'm on the arnold beta. In order to get it, one has to sign an NDA which will prevent "official" information to be spread around the forums. All I say is this: If you guys are interested in an official Houdini connection (it is possible to roll your own with the respective resources and several people/studios do that), write them about it. Sales potential is hard to estimate by looking into a crystal ball, having people nag by email is a much more reliable source.

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