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How to extract a clean single NURBS curve


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here is the fully procedural method if you have continuous curve without branching as in your case

it's based on neighboring points so it may be better than proximity searching if you have crazy curves

Cool!! This solves a lot of problems!

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Hi guys liking both the sorting tools they are very conveniant and have often helped me out.

basically I'm new (like newborn XD) to python but I would like to make one more addition to the ant sort,

namely that it checks whether there is a point it is connected to.

I get the issue that sometimes the result is incorrect because another point (which should not be the next point)

is closer then the correct one, however the correct point is connected.

I would like the script to check for a connected option first before checking any other point.

any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

-edit nevermind the convert to nurbs also solved my problem, i'm an idiot XD

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