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Unstable wire sim in H12


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I created a file in H11 that has an l-system tree converted to a wire object. The file worked fine in H11 but, when I open it in H12, the wire object is unstable and blows up after a few frames of sim. I tried turning off all the forces on it, but it still blows up. Does anyone know what has changed between H11 and H12 that might make this happen or how I can fix it? Even when I start again from scratch in H12, the wire is unstable.


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I did not try to load your hip file, but I experienced the same problem : I tried putting a lsystem through a wire solver. With 5 generations or less, simulation is pretty stable, but it "explodes" a soon I reach 6 generations on the lsystem node. Like in your case, simulation runs fine for the first few frames, and then it goes crazy ...

I tried almost everything : with or without constraints, wind, no wind, several physical parameters, elasticity parameters ...; nothing works, it always explodes. weirder thing is it never crashes on the same frame every time I run the simulation :blink:

If somebody has a clue about what's happening there, I'd be glad to hear it ;)

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you are simulating already polywired tree (l-system set to tube), which consists of loads of wires and is unnecessary since you can simulate just skeleton and still have variable thickness of the branches if you check Point Attributes on L-System and set Width to 1 on Wire Object since it's multiplied with Width attribute from wire, you can visualize the width if you want, then polywire after sim to get real thickness

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Here it is. Sorry about that. I found the file but forgot to hit "attach this file".

Hi. I loaded your file.

All I did was run the sim.

On my system It ran perfect and there was no blow up, like you mentioned.

System is windows 7 64 Houdini 12.0.630

Here´s a clip so you can see it working, okay



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