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Gas bomb pyro sim wip

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I've been doing some r&d for a gas bomb simulation. I found that getting the proper shape driving the sim through pops and keyframing some dops parameters can be fairly straight foward. However, I'm still having trouble with the shading and the render time.

So far I'm only rendering a beauty pass because I still haven't figured out a way to separate render layers for an explosion in Houdini.

If anybody knows how, please share the knowledge. I'd love to get at least a separate fire and smoke pass.

Hope you like it!


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A tip is to re-time it to get that explosion feel, either during the sim or post-sim. Right now that is the biggest difference from your ref, looks more like you are trying hard with forces or initial velocity.


If you are using the pyro shader there are a couple of exports you can use as image planes; smoke_color, smoke_mask, fire_color and fire_mask. You can find them on the Export tab of the pyro shader, as well as the type (float, vector) which you then specify for the image plane too.

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